Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blog Archive 2005-06

This is the Bruins Corner archived blog notes from the 2005-06 Boston Bruins season.

Posted on 04/15/06

Well this sad season for Bruins fans is finally over. The Bruins played their last game today and lost 4-3 to the Atlanta Thrashers. Now we'll wait and see what the Bruins do with their GM position and with the players they cut loose and bring in for next season.

Here's an update on ex-Bruin Joe Thornton with the San Jose Sharks. After today's game against the Anaheim Ducks, Thornton now has 125 points, which leads the NHL as of today. Thornton's linemates, Jonathan Cheechoo (55 goals), and Nils Ekman (20 goals) have really excelled with "Big Joe" there. I still can't believe we traded Joe Thornton, what a mess we have here in Boston with the Bruins.

Posted on 04/06/06

Tim Thomas won the 7th Player Award for the Boston Bruins, which is an award given to the player who performed beyond expectations as voted by the fans. The Bruins won in a shootout with a goal from Brad Boyes against the Toronto Maple Leafs. There are five games left in the Bruins season.

Posted on 04/04/06

The Bruins have lost again to the Montreal Canadiens. Thankfully there are only six games left in this season for the Bruins. This has been a very bad year for the B's, you know it's bad when Aaron Downey scores a goal. The Bruins next game is against the Toronto Maple Leafs at Boston on Thursday. The Bruins record is 28-35-13.

Posted on 03/31/06

The Bruins season is likely over since they have a slim chance of making the playoffs. Nick Boynton must be thinking that too since he will be having season-ending shoulder surgery. On Saturday the Bruins will play the hated fairy Montreal Canadiens with their diving show. We'll see what happens Saturday.

Posted on 03/26/06

The Bruins finally made the move they should have made a lot earlier in the season (before Joe Thornton was traded) on Saturday when they announced that GM Mike O'Connell has been fired. Even though recently he made two good signings with Tim Thomas and P.J. Axelsson, O'Connell has pretty much done a lousy job as the Bruins GM. So for now assistant general manager Jeff Gorton will assume the GM's duties for the rest of the season. The Bruins are likely to miss the playoffs for the first time in five seasons. The Bruins are 28-32-12.

Posted on 03/09/06

Marty ReasonerYan StastnyWell if you thought that the Joe Thornton trade was bad, you will not like the latest trade the Bruins have made. With Sergei Samsonov going to be a free agent after this season, the Bruins traded Samsonov to the Edmonton Oilers for centers Marty Reasoner and Yan Stastny. Reasoner played 58 games with the Oilers and has 9 goals, 17 assists, for 26 points. Reasoner needs to stay healthy for him to contribute to the Bruins team. Stastny has only played 3 games this season with 0 points. What should bother Bruins fans is that the Bruins had Stastny at the start of this season, but they gave him away off waivers to Edmonton. So you let him go for nothing earlier but now you want him back, I don't get it. Mike O'Connell should be fired. You trade an All-Star caliber player for two players that haven't done anything in their careers. Shouldn't you get more for Samsonov? I would think so. You can read more about the trade on Tonight the Bruins will face the Montreal Canadiens. You can view the other trade deadline deals that went down today on TSN.

Posted on 03/08/06

Mariusz CzerkawskiWith the trade deadline Thursday will the Bruins make any deals? Well today the Bruins claimed right wing Mariusz Czerkawski off waivers from the Toronto Maple Leafs. Czerkawski is 33 years old and played only 19 games this year scoring 4 goals with Toronto. While other teams pull off big trades the Bruins make a minor move (as of 8pm EST today). Does anyone think Czerkawski will do anything with Boston? Is he any better than Shawn McEachern who is in the minors? There is a reason why Toronto was trying to get rid of Czerkawski. It seems like Toronto has been trying to get rid of him since the start of the season too. Can Czerkawski even crack the Bruins lineup? I don't think so, that is unless the Bruins trade someone, say Glen Murray or Sergei Samsonov for draft picks or young players who aren't NHL ready. So maybe this is just the start of moves by the Bruins. We'll have to wait and see.

Posted on 03/02/06

The Bruins first game back from the Olympic break resulted in a 4-3 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins go right back to work tonight and will play the Atlanta Thrashers. Don't take the Thrashers too lightly, they will give the Bruins a challenge tonight. Patrice Bergeron is leading the Bruins team in goals, assists, points, and shots on goal.

Posted on 02/28/06

Well the Olympic break is finally over and NHL hockey is back. I don't know about anyone else but I didn't watch one second of Olympic (Euro, play soft, no hitting, no rough stuff) hockey. Join our free fantasy hockey league on

Posted on 02/04/06

The Bruins and Canadiens have split their two game series. The Bruins won 3-1 on Thursday and the Canadiens won 2-0 earlier today. In today's game it seemed to me anyways that the Canadiens are a team made up of a bunch of divers and softies. Markov, Koivu, and Kovalev all dived and got a power play for doing it. What a joke!

Posted on 02/03/06

I wish the Bruins still had Colton Orr as last night I watched him bloody the Islanders Eric Godard. It looked like Godard got in a few punches but Orr came back and bloodied the Islanders enforcer. Colton Orr has had quite a season despite not playing much. With the Bruins he hurt Andre Roy and Wade Belak and now with the Rangers he breaks Godard's nose. Who will be Orr's next victim?

Posted on 01/31/06

The Bruins have claimed left wing Josh Langfeld from the San Jose Sharks. Langfeld is a left wing but shoots right, he will be 29 years old this year, is 6-3, 214 lbs. He has played 39 games this season and has 2 goals (both goals came against the Bruins), and 9 assists for 11 points. He was a +4 with 16 penalty minutes. I don't know much about Langfeld but with his size and if he gets more playing time with Boston than he had in San Jose, he may be a good fit in Boston.

Also the St. Louis Blues have claimed goalie Craig Anderson from the Bruins. Remember the Bruins claimed Anderson off from the Chicago Blackhawks earlier.

Posted on 01/30/06

The Bruins played their best game of the season tonight, beating the Ottawa Senators 5-0. They have looked good the past few games and tonight just showed how much they have improved. Can they keep this up? We'll see on Thursday when the Bruins play the Montreal Canadiens. The Bruins will actually play back to back games against the Canadiens. Can we bring back some old-time hockey with this two game series?

Posted on 01/19/06

The Bruins played a strong game tonight and beat the Philadelphia Flyers 5-2. The Flyers were without Peter Forsberg, who had a hat trick the last time he faced Boston. The Bruins play on Saturday against the New York Rangers. Will we see Colton Orr dress for the Rangers to face his former team, and maybe knock around some Bruins players? The Bruins are now 18-21-7 this season.

In other hockey news, ex-Bruin defenseman Bryan Berard tested positive for steroids in November (read more about it on a Yahoo sports article).

Posted on 01/15/06

Bruins fan with a paper bag over his headThe Bruins lossed to the Dallas Stars 2-1 in a shootout on Saturday. Look at the image to the left, of the fan with a paper bag over his head. I thought that was hilarious. That's how I feel right now, as I'm sure a lot of other Bruins fans feel that way too. Tim Thomas played a good game in net for the Bruins and hopefully he plays some more. Before the game, the Bruins called up Nathan Robinson from the Providence Bruins and sent down Pat Leahy. The Bruins play the Anaheim Mighty Ducks tomorrow on Martin Luther King day.

Posted on 01/13/06

Last night's game against the Los Angeles Kings might be the Bruins worst loss this season. The Bruins were outplayed in every aspect of the game and lossed 6-0 to the Kings. The Bruins showed barely any intensity and hitting until it was too late and frustration set in, in the third period. Nick Boynton came back from his injury and played. He looked ok and played physical, which is a good sign. The Bruins recalled Ben Walter and he actually looked pretty good. The Bruins need to bring up Jeremy Reich, Craig MacDonald, or Garett Stroshein to bring some life and energy to the team. Maybe Mike Sullivan needs to be fired, but then who takes over? I don't know. I do know that things look pretty bad right now for the Bruins. Their next game is on Saturday against the Dallas Stars.

Posted on 01/11/06

Joe Thornton in a San Jose Sharks jerseyJoe Thornton hitting Hal GillThe result from Thornton's hit on Gill, Gill is down and hurtWell Joe Thornton's first time back to Boston was really short, for him anyways. Not even six minutes into the game and San Jose's Joe Thornton was out of the game. Joe Thornton threw a big hit and laid out Hal Gill in the Bruin's defensive zone. It was a hit from behind so Joe Thornton was given a five minute major for checking from behind and a game misconduct. Of course the pathetic Bruins didn't capitalize on the five minute major power play. It's called Bruins! Their power-play looked life-less and lost. Remember we had someone who could work the power-play beautifully with Glen Murray, oh yeah we traded him to the team we played today. Where has Glen Murray been? He's probably been wishing that he was traded along with Thornton to San Jose. The only bright spot for the Bruins (if there was such a thing these days) is that Bruins rookie defenceman Milan Jurcina scored two goals in the game. So he has back-to-back two goal games. I say play him more and more, maybe he can score two goals every game for now on. He won't but hey that's what Bruins fans now have to hope for to see their team have any chance at all. Andrew Raycroft played ok but was pulled in the second period in favor of Tim Thomas, who was called up because of the injury to Hannu Toivonen. The Bruins got killed by San Jose 6-2. The Bruins play the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday night. The Bruins are now 16-20-6.

Quote from game recap on, on the Thornton hit on Gill: "Gill said Thornton apologized to him. The defenseman also said he braced for the hit in the corner to the left of Boston's net but was in an awkward position. Thornton hit him partly on his left side and partly on his back and Gill went to the ice."

Posted on 01/09/06

Marco Sturm and Glen Murray celebrate with Milan Jurcina, as Jurcina scored his second goal of the game and of his careerImage to the right: Marco Sturm and Glen Murray celebrate with Milan Jurcina, as Jurcina scored his second goal of the game (vs Tampa Bay) and of his career. The Bruins have won their last two games, against the Ottawa Senators and the Tampa Bay Lightning. Tomorrow the San Jose Sharks will come to Boston and we will get to see old pal Joe Thornton. It's been over a month since Thornton was traded to the Sharks and he still leads the Bruins in assists and points. That is pretty pathetic (for the Bruins). Joe Thornton this season has 15 goals, 44 assists (ranks first in NHL), for 59 points (ranks fourth in NHL). Read about Joe Thornton getting ready to play the Bruins, on The Bruins are 16-19-6 this season. One more note, center Alexei Zhamnov broke his ankle and will be out for a while. I don't see this as a huge loss, because all I remember see Zhamnov do is take stupid lazy penalties. Maybe now we won't have to penalty kill all the time.

Posted on 12/18/05

The Bruins lossed 3-0 against the Calgary Flames last night. Mikka Kiprusoff was great making 26 saves for a shutout against the Bruins. Dan LaCouture and Jason Wiemer had a pretty good fight with less than five minutes left in the third period. LaCouture looked to land two or three punches on Wiemer, but Wiemer also looked to land one or two shots. I would give a slight edge to LaCouture in that fight. Before the fight, LaCouture gave Calgary's Dion Phaneuf a check against the boards that sent him flying down to the ice when the whistle was blown. Bryan Marchment and Jason Wiemer came over to LaCouture and had some words with him. The Bruins don't play again until Thursday against the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Bruins are now 11-16-6 this season.

Posted on 12/15/05

The Bruins ended their three-game losing streak and beat the Minnesota Wild 3-2 tonight. They seemed to play with a lot more energy than in previous games, which is a good sign. This could be a changing point in the season. Hopefully it is and they turn things around and build on this win. The Bruins next game is on Saturday against the Calgary Flames, which will be a real tough challenge. Calgary plays every game with grit and determination. They are one of the fun teams to watch because they can score a lot and they throw lots of hits. Personally I don't think they have a chance against the Flames. The Bruins are now 11-15-6 this season.

Posted on 12/11/05

The Bruins have lossed once again. They lost today in overtime against the Phoenix Coyotes 2-1. The Bruins have lossed their third straight game and are now 10-15-6 this season. Defenceman Nick Boynton is out 4-6 weeks so it doesn't look good for Boston. He got injured (fractured kneecap) in the game against the Vancouver Canucks.

What is kind of funny (but sad for the Bruins) is that, if you look at the Boston Bruins player stats on, Joe Thornton still leads the Bruins in points (33). Sergei Samsonov is behind him with 25 points. Joe Thornton has played 5 games with the San Jose Sharks and has 2 goals, 10 assists, for 12 points. 12 points in 5 games, that is not too bad, eh Mike O'Connell? Brad Stuart (2 assists), Marco Sturm (3 goals and 1 assist), and Wayne Primeau (0 points) COMBINED have 6 points since joining Boston. We all know who got the better deal.

Posted on 12/04/05

The Bruins beat the Edmonton Oilers in overtime 5-4. David Tanabe scored the game-winner in overtime. Tanabe had a goal and an assist while Brad Boyes scored two goals and an assist. The Bruins will continue their west coast trip tonight and play against the Vancouver Canucks. The Bruins are now 10-13-5 this season.

Posted on 12/02/05

Last night the Bruins beat the Ottawa Senators 3-0. This was the first game after trading All-Star Joe Thornton. Newest Bruins: Marco Sturm had one goal and one assist, Brad Stuart had an assist, and Dan LaCouture scored his first goal of the season. The Bruins will go on a 3-game western road trip where they will play the Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, and the Colorado Avalanche. These three games will be a challenge for the Bruins. The Bruins are now 9-13-5 this season.

Tonight Joe Thornton played his first game as a San Jose Shark. He wore #19 as he did in Boston. He had two assists and was a +1. The Sharks beat the Sabres 5-0. Joe Thornton will come back to Boston on January 10th when the Sharks play the Bruins. Should be interesting.

Posted on 11/30/05

Joe ThorntonTSN is reporting that the Boston Bruins have traded captain Joe Thornton to the San Jose Sharks for center Marco Sturm, center Wayne Primeau, and defenceman Brad Stuart. See the story on Joe Thornton will join his cousin Scott, in San Jose. Thornton had 33 points in 23 games (9 goals). I am just shocked by this trade. I thought you would be able to get much more than what the Bruins did get from San Jose for Joe Thornton. Will Brian Leetch be the captain now? Also another note, defenceman Jonathan Girard has retired from hockey. We all remember he got into that big car accident a few years back. We all wish him the best.

Posted on 11/29/05

Another game, same story, another loss for the Bruins. The Bruins lossed 3-2 to the New Jersey Devils. With the score tied 2-2, and under a minute to go in the 3rd period, Travis Green was thrown out of the faceoff circle in the Bruins defensive end. So Joe Thornton had to take the faceoff, he lossed it, the puck went to Alexander Mogilny who fired the puck into the net past Andrew Raycroft. Where is Dave Scatchard when you need him to take an important faceoff, huh? Oh, that's right we traded him to Phoenix for Tanabe, who was a -1 tonight. The Bruins are now 8-13-5 and will play the Ottawa Senators on Thursday. I say the Bruins have no chance to win that game.

Earlier today the Bruins waived Shawn McEachern and Colton Orr. Even though McEachern hasn't done much this season, I would rather have him than Eric Healey or Erik Nickulas playing. I'm sad that the Bruins waived Colton Orr because he did his job when he played, given the major lack of playing time. We won't see him again this season in a Bruins sweater probably because the New York Rangers claimed him. I wanted to see Orr play a full season with the Bruins and take on the NHL tough guys but now we won't be able to see that. The Bruins signed forward Dan Lacouture, who provided some energy versus the Devils with some hits, but Orr will be missed.

Posted on 11/20/05

I feel like I'm posting the same news after every Bruins game. It was 1-0 Rangers, going into the the third period but the Bruins lossed to the New York Rangers tonight, 3-2. This is their sixth loss in a row and their 8th straight road loss. David Tanabe was a -2 today. I thought we brought in Tanabe to provide good defense, well he's a -3 in 2 games with the Bruins. Good pickup Mike O'Connell, good pickup (sarcastically speaking). The Bruins are now 7-10-5 and will play the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday. Will we see Colton Orr vs Wade Belak round 2?

Posted on 11/19/05

Tonight Boston Bruins lossed their fifth game in a row. They lossed 3-2 to the Buffalo Sabres. The same story for the Bruins, play with no intensity, take a lot of penalties, and not score enough to win. In David Tanabe's first game as a Bruin, he was a -1 with 19 minutes of ice time and he wore #55. Dave Scatchard played for Phoenix tonight against the San Jose Sharks and scored a goal, was a -1, and got into a fight with Scott Thornton, Joe Thornton's cousin. I'm going to miss seeing Dave Scatchard in a Bruins' uniform. The Bruins are now 7-9-5 and will play the New York Rangers tomorrow night.

Dave ScatchardThe Boston Bruins traded away center Dave Scatchard to the Phoenix Coyotes for defenceman David Tanabe. Tanabe is expected to play tonight against the Buffalo Sabres. David Tanabe has played 21 games this season and has 0 goals and 4 assists. Scatchard, for the Bruins, played 16 games this season and had 4 goals and 6 assists. You can read more about the trade on and on

Personally I don't like this trade. I know the Bruins need help on defense and David Tanabe should be a good fit but I do not like giving up a player like Dave Scatchard. Teams need players like him, guys that will hit and play hard, and he's a really good faceoff man which is always needed during playoff time. He is one of the Bruins I did not want to see go. The Bruins defense may improve with Tanabe but the intensity and passion that the Bruins have been lacking will not improve. Good trade O'Connell, good job buddy. Is there anyway you can trade yourself to some other team for their GM?

Posted on 11/17/05

The Boston Bruins lossed 4-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. It was 1-1 going into the 3rd period but again the 3rd period is trouble for the Bruins. They allowed 3 goals in the 3rd period to lose the game. Again they played sloppy defense and took some bad penalties in the 3rd period. Some notes in the game: Hal Gill layed out Darcy Tucker with a big hit and I also saw Joe Thornton hit somebody. Finally! The Bruins are now 7-8-5 and will play the Buffalo Sabres on Saturday.

Posted on 11/06/05

The New York Islanders beat the Boston Bruins 5-2 tonight. Brad Isbister was back in the lineup and Tom Fitzgerald was a healthy scratch. Colton Orr played but he didn't get into any scraps tonight. I was hoping for a Colton Orr vs Eric Godard matchup. I guess we'll have to wait for the next time these two teams play each other. There were some hits but again it seemed like a non-physical game. Has anyone seen Bruins captain Joe Thornton throw a check the past few games? I know I haven't seen one. I know he has a bad back and everything but come on, hit someone. I have a bad feeling about the B's this year. I don't think they'll make the playoffs, hopefully I'm wrong. The Bruins are now 7-7-5 and will play the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday.

Posted on 11/06/05

The Bruins last night defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 6-3. Joe Thornton and Jiri Slegr both scored two goals and had three points each. Patrice Bergeron scored a highlight goal, make sure to watch ESPN or a hockey highlight show to see the replay of it. Jay Leach, playing in his first NHL game, got into a fight with Pittsburgh's Eric Malone and did pretty well against him. Colton Orr also got into a scrap with Ryan Vandenbussche, not much of a fight though of what I saw on television. Andrew Alberts had another good game hitting anybody in site, good to see a Bruins defenceman doing just that, hitting! The Bruins are now 7-5-4 and will play the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday. If you didn't hear it yet, well Ray Bourque is now a consultant with the Boston Bruins, helping out the defensemen and any other way he can. Can you lace up the skates Ray? We need you. :)

Posted on 11/03/05

The Bruins won 4-1 tonight against the Florida Panthers and are now 6-5-4 this season. The Bruins play the Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday.

Posted on 11/02/05

More bad news for the Bruins. Defenseman Brian Leetch was injured in the game against the New York Islanders and will be out for a month. Brad Isbister also re-injured his groin, the same injury that kept him out for a few games.

Posted on 10/27/05

The Bruins won 2-1 against the Toronto Maple Leafs and they finally got their first division win this season. Andrew Raycroft did not play, he has a strained hamstring which will keep him out for a week. Goalie Hannu Toivonen started, made 36 saves and the win. Jiri Slegr and Sergei Samsonov scored for the Bruins while Eric Lindros scored for the Maple Leafs. Colton Orr got into a first period fight with Toronto's Wade Belak. Orr broke Belak's nose during the fight. Belak had to wear a full face shield for the rest of the game. The Bruins are now 5-5-2 this season.

Posted on 10/18/05

This past Saturday the Bruins lost to the Ottawa Senators 5-1. Tonight the Bruins faced their rival, the Montreal Canadiens. The Canadiens beat the Bruins 4-3, in an up and down game. The Bruins took too many penalties which ultimately caught up with them. A side-note in the game: Brian Leetch had a goal and an assist. The assist was his 1,000 career NHL point. On Thursday the Bruins will play the Buffalo Sabres. The Bruins are now 3-4 this season.

Posted on 10/13/05

The Bruins beat the Panthers 5-2 tonight. The Bruins got their first fights of the season with Colton Orr vs Eric Cairns and Pat Leahy vs Chris Gratton, both in the first period. If you're a hockey fight fan then you would have loved the Orr-Cairns fight, what a fight! You can probably find a clip of this fight on, either on the videos page or in the fight clips forum. The Bruins will play the Ottawa Senators on Saturday. Look for a Colton Orr vs Brian McGratton fight in that game (if both players are in the lineups). The Boston Bruins are now 3-2 this season. More good news for the Bruins, they signed defenseman Nick Boynton to a one-year deal. That's really good news because they need him on their team. He should join the team in Ottawa but he probably won't play on Saturday.

Posted on 10/10/05

The Bruins beat the defending Stanley Cup champions, Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2. Brad Isbister scored the game-winner, his first goal of the season. The Bruins don't play until Thursday against the Florida Panthers. The Boston Bruins are now 2-2 this season.

Posted on 10/09/05

The Bruins got their first win of the season last night against the Pittsburgh Penguins, 7-6 in overtime. Glen Murray scored the game winner on the power play in overtime. Sydney Crosby did score his first NHL goal in this game and so did the Bruin's Pat Leahy and Brad Boyes. The Bruins next game is on Monday against the defending Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning. The Boston Bruins are now 1-2 this season.

Posted on 10/08/05

Last night the Bruins played the Sabres and lost 4-1. The Bruins gave very little goal support for Andrew Raycroft who kept them in the game until the late 3rd period when the Bruins defense had to pinch in and try to score which gave the Sabres more opportunities to score which they did. In my opinion the Bruins played with no to very little emotion. There weren't many hits. I think Colton Orr needs to play a little more and dish out some hits and that will maybe energize the team. Coach Mike Sullivan needs to play him more. Tonight the Bruins will face rookie Sydney Crosby, Mario Lemieux, and the Penguins, who are also winless. The Boston Bruins are now 0-2 this young season.

Posted on 10/06/05

Yesterday the Bruins played their first game of the season in the "new" NHL against the Montreal Canadiens. The result wasn't good though. With the new rules we saw penalties and two late penalties in the 3rd period by Bruins winger Tom Fitzgerald. With Tom Fitzgerald in the box with his second penalty late in the 3rd period, the Canadiens were on the power play and winger Michael Ryder scored with 11 seconds left in the game. The Bruins lossed 2-1 and will face the Sabres Friday night. The Boston Bruins are 0-1.

Posted on 10/04/05

The Bruins will play their first game of the season tomorrow against the hated, team full of divers and softies (remember the playoffs in 2004), Montreal Canadiens. Hopefully Colton Orr will be able to play tomorrow against the Canadiens. If you didn't see Saturday's game against the Rangers, well you missed a dirty, cheap shot. Colton Orr and Dale Purinton dropped the gloves and were going to go at it but Purinton eye-gouged Orr and Purinton was assessed an attempt to injure penalty. You could see Orr's eye swelling up as he was leaving the ice. Hopefully these two will meet again when the Bruins play against the Rangers later this season.

Posted on 09/17/05

The Boston Bruins re-signed goalie Andrew Raycroft to a 1-year deal yesterday. This is great news for the Bruins, although I was hoping for a longer contract. Hopefully they work on some kind of extension. Read more about the signing on

Posted on 08/11/05

The Boston Bruins finally signed Captain Joe Thornton today. He signed a three year contract. Yesterday the Bruins signed Sergei Samsonov to a one year contract too. Hopefully the Bruins add another proven forward and another proven defenseman to the roster before the season starts. Read more about the Thornton signing on The Bruins have also signed forward P.J. Axelsson, defenseman Jonathan Girard, and goalie Jordan Sigalet.

Something I am looking for the Bruins to do is to sign a tough guy. They lost Doug Doull to the Phoenix Coyotes and I don't think P.J. Stock is still under contract for the Bruins. Maybe they can resign Stock? I hope so. The last I heard, former Minnesota Wild enforcer Matt Johnson was bought out and is a free agent. Maybe the Bruins can try and get him. I've also heard Jim McKenzie's name being talked about, but he's kind of old. Anyone else know of free agent tough guys out there? I know Colton Orr has been in the minors with the Providence Bruins for a couple years, maybe he can fill that role this year and the coming future for the Bruins. I've seen some videos of his fights and he can fight. Hopefully if he makes the roster, he can stay and play. Talk about it on our hockey blog.

Posted on 08/04/05

The Boston Bruins signed center Alexei Zhamnov to a three-year contract. In 2003-04 Zhamnov played for the Chicago Blackhawks and then the Philadelphia Flyers, after getting traded there. He had 11 goals in 43 games in 2003-04. Hopefully he can stay healthy and bring more scoring to the Bruins lineup.

Posted on 08/03/05

The Boston Bruins signed All-Star defenceman Brian Leetch to a one-year contract. Brian Leetch is 37 years old and a past Norris Trophy winner. He brings a lot of skill and experience to the Bruins which should definitely help. Hopefully he won't be another Paul Coffey signing by the Bruins, I doubt he will be that bad. I can't wait for hockey season to start. Read more about the Brian Leetch signing on

Posted on 08/02/05

Today the Boston Bruins made some noise in the free agency pool by signing three players, RW Glen Murray, RW Shawn McEachern, and C Dave Scatchard. Glen Murray was the leading goal scorer for the Bruins in 2003-04 with 32 goals. He signed a four-year contract with the Bruins. Shawn McEachern is making his second stint with the Bruins by signing a two-year contract. In 2003-04 he played for the Atlanta Thrashers and scored 17 goals. Dave Scatchard signed a four-year contract with the Bruins, who last year played with the New York Islanders. He scored 9 goals in 61 games.

In case you missed it, on August 1st, the Bruins traded a 2006 fourth-round draft pick to the Edmonton Oilers for Brad Isbister. Isbister is a big forward that had scored 10 goals in 51 games.

Read more about the Murray and McEachern signings here on Also read about the Isbister trade here on

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