Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Bruins get beaten up against Sabres

With the display that the Bruins showed on Tuesday it makes me sad and disgusting that I'm still a Bruins fan. The way that they are playing right now is a disgrace to the Bruins uniform. They were blown out by the Buffalo Sabres on Tuesday, outplayed, and pushed around all night and not one Bruin player did a thing about it.

Rookie David Krejci made his NHL debut on Tuesday and only got to play three shifts for 2:07 of ice time because of a cheap high hit to the head by Sabres rugged winger Adam Mair. After the hit Andrew Alberts pushed Mair but that was about it as the Bruins didn't seem to care that a young rookie just got his clock cleaned. Krejci now has a concussion and will not play Thursday against the Sabres.

Adam Mair cheap shot high hit on David Krejci

Later in the game, Sabres Paul Gaustad hit Marc Savard from behind into the boards and not one Bruin came over to push/rough/attack or say a word to Gaustad. Savard may have embellished the hit a little but come on! Your best player gets hit into the boards from behind and nobody does a dam thing? What is that? Then later in the game Brad Stuart hit a Sabres player with a good hard clean hit, Mair came over to Stuart and gave Stuart a shot that knocked Stuart's helmet back. The play then went back into the Sabres zone and then someone finally went after Adam Mair, it was Wayne Primeau. Primeau followed Mair around the ice a little and challenged him to fight. They dropped the gloves and had an ok fight where not much landed by both guys. Nice to see someone finally show some emotion and do something to protect/stand up for a teammate. Even though Primeau did drop the gloves it looked like he wasn't that interested in fighting Mair at all.

The Bruins play the Sabres again Thursday night and I'm interested if the Bruins will do anything at all to send a message to the Sabres for payback for what happened on Tuesday. I hope they do but seeing the past few games I don't think that they will.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chara nets two in All-Star game

Zdeno Chara represented the Boston Bruins in the All-Star game last night and scored two goals. He did not win the All-Star MVP award, Daniel Briere did. I actually watched the All-Star game on VS, probably one of the few that did, but did anyone else notice how quiet it was during the game, even when the players scored? And half-way through the third period I thought I saw empty seats in the arena. The NHL definitely has problems and they need to fix it to bring back real long-time fans. The Bruins get back on the ice on Saturday against the Ottawa Senators. The last game between these two teams was a physical one and I'm expecting it to be just as physical on Saturday.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Senators outplay and outscore Bruins

Yesterday the Bruins were outplayed by the Ottawa Senators and lossed to them with the score 3-0. Besides the score, there were a few big hits which caused some tension between the two teams. In the second period, Senators' Christoph Schubert hit Bruins' Paul Mara from behind into the boards. Mara then got up, went after Schubert, dropped the gloves and pounded Schubert as he turtled down to the ice. Schubert only received a 5-minute major for boarding. Mara got 2-minute minor for instigating, 5-minute major for fighting, and a 10-minute misconduct. Later in the period Bruins' Andrew Alberts layed out Senators' Chris Kelly with a huge hit behind the goalie net and Alberts got 5-minute major for boarding, and a 10-minute game misconduct. Why did Alberts get thrown out of the game while Schubert did not? Was it because Kelly stayed down on the ice, which seemed like forever, and finally got up with a small cut on his eyebrow? Kelly returned to the game in the third period so he wasn't seriously hurt. A few quotes from Bruins (source:

"I don't think (Alberts) should have been thrown out of the game by any means," said B's coach Dave Lewis. "The one that bothered me was when (Schubert) cross-checked Paul Mara from behind into the boards. I thought that was a lot more severe than Alberts' hit."

"Alberts' hit was borderline. I think Schubert's hit was worse, though I haven't seen the video yet. But that's the way things have been going for us," said Mara.

"I think if Kelly doesn't stay down and pretend that he's injured, I don’t think he's getting five minutes and getting tossed. He might get two minutes for roughing or something. It was a borderline call."

"I knew it was a dirty hit and I just decided to do what a player has to do out there," said Mara.

"If it happened again, I'd probably do the same thing. If he had hit one of my teammates like that, I'd probably jump in. It's part of the game - and we killed the penalty off," said Mara.

It's now the NHL All-Star break and the Bruins will be back in action on Saturday at the Ottawa Senators.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Bruins win with Kessel's two goals

On Thursday the Bruins beat the Penguins in a shootout with Phil Kessel getting the game-winning goal. Phil Kessel has been playing great, with two goals on Wednesday against the Buffalo Sabres also. You can watch the Penguins-Bruins game highlights on Hannu Toivonen got the start against the Penguins and he had a new goalie mask, which he dedicated to the Boston sports scene with pictures of Ray Bourque, Larry Bird, Tedy Bruschi, and David Ortiz, see a picture below. It was a good game with the scoring going back and forth, and a few scrums with Zdeno Chara and Ryan Malone as well. The Bruins are now 22-19-4 and play the Ottawa Senators on Saturday.

Hannu Toivonen with his new goalie mask
Hannu Toivonen with his new goalie mask

Ryan Malone and Zdeno Chara roughing
Ryan Malone and Zdeno Chara roughing

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Bruins vs Senators preview

Tonight the Bruins play the Ottawa Senators and it looks like the Bruins will be without captain Zdeno Chara and maybe Brad Stuart tonight. Chara because of injury and Stuart because of a newborn baby. The last time these two teams met you'll remember the incident with Brian McGrattan and Wayne Primeau, with McGrattan's high hit attempt on Primeau which started a semi-line brawl. We'll see what happens tonight with the Bruins not having any enforcers on their roster.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Blog posts from June to December

This post has the blog posts that were posted from June 15th, 2006 to December 23rd, 2006.

Posted on 12/23/06 at 1:20 PM

Since the last time I posted on here the Bruins have lossed against New Jersey, and then Montreal, beat New Jersey, lossed against Florida, and beat Ottawa and Vancouver. Andrew Alberts has been playing great and has been hitting everything in site when he's on the ice. Watch his hit on the Devil's Patrick Elias and then fight with Colin White down below. The game against the Ottawa Senators had some rough stuff, with Brian McGrattan hitting Wayne Primeau up high (almost a head shot) which set things off and the Bruins and Senators players got into a big scrum. You can download a clip of that incident on Adam's Hockey Site Fight Clips page. That same day the Bruins traded tough guy Wade Brookbank to the Pittsburgh Penguins for future considerations. I wouldn't be surprised to see more opponents take more runs at Bruins star players as they have no enforcer to take care of things.

Tonight the Bruins play the Montreal Canadiens in Boston at 7pm EST.

Andrew Alberts big hit on Patrick Elias and fight with Colin White

This past draft the Bruins drafted a tough guy named Milan Lucic. You can see two of his fights here:

Milan Lucic vs Aaron Boogaard on 12/05/2006

Milan Lucic vs McLaren

Posted on 12/08/06 at 5:20 PM

The Bruins got a win over Montreal finally on Monday and yesterday they beat Toronto, and are now on a two-game winning streak, and are 10-3 in their last 13 games. On Saturday the Bruins will play the New Jersey Devils.

Posted on 12/03/06 at 2:15 AM

The Bruins were on a three game winning streak after their shootout win against the Tampa Bay Lightning, but that came to an end on Saturday when they played the Carolina Hurricanes and lost 5-2. For the first two periods it was a close game with the score 3-2 Hurricanes. In the first period things were a little chippy with Hurricanes forward Andrew Ladd laying out Bruins Mark Stuart with a big hit. Then Shean Donovan came over and dropped the gloves with Ladd, but there wasn't much of a fight. A little later Andrew Alberts layed a good hit on Eric Cole, which brought in Anton Babchuk, and Alberts dropped the gloves to go with Babchuk but Babchuk wanted nothing to do with Alberts. You can download clips of both of these incidents on Adam's Hockey Site fight clips page. In the third period Carolina scored two goals to put the Bruins away in this one.

The Bruins are now 12-10-2 and play the Montreal Canadiens on Monday, which is on the VS channel.

Posted on 11/30/06 at 2:45 AM

I know I haven't wrote about the Bruins for a while but I've lost some interest in them because of the soft play they are playing, with not much hitting and don't even think about fights, we haven't seen any for a while. But recently there have been some signs of life, with Paul Mara going after Darcy Tucker after Tucker layed a charging hit on Zdeno Chara, and with the Bruins playing a little more physical the past games against the Toronto Maple Leafs, my interest is back. You can view the fight between Mara and Tucker below, courtesy of The Bruins are 7-2 in their last nine games, but they are still last place in their division at 11-9. Thursday night the Bruins play at home against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Darcy Tucker (TOR) vs Paul Mara (BOS) - November 25, 2006

Posted on 11/17/06 at 10:05 PM

The Bruins play the Washington Capitals at home tomorrow night. In case you haven't heard yet, the Bruins this week picked up Stanislav Chistov from the Anahaeim Ducks for a draft pick, and they traded for minor-league goalie Philippe Sauve. Sauve was sent down to Providence, while Brian Finley was recalled to be Tim Thomas's backup. Matt Lashoff and Yan Stastny were assigned to Providence. The Bruins are currently .500, at 7-7-2.

On, in an interview with ex-Bruin Brian Rolston, they asked him "As a hockey city, how does St. Paul compare to Boston?" Rolston answered, "In Boston, I think the organization has fallen out of favor with the fans. When I played in Boston, we had games that didn't sell out, we even had playoff games that didn't sell out. That shouldn't happen in Boston, in an Original Six city." Interesting, and not news to Bruins fans, because it's true.

Posted on 11/12/06 at 12:45 PM

With the Bruins sending down forwards Jeff Hoggan and Wade Brookbank and recalling Petr Tenkrat, the Bruins managed to get the win Saturday against the Ottawa Senators, 4-3. The Bruins goals came from Glen Murray (scored his 7th and 8th goals of the season), Patrice Bergeron (scored his 5th goal of the season), and Petr Tenkrat scored his first of the season. The Bruins are now 5-6-2 and are last place in the Northeast division. The Bruins next game is on Wednesday at the Washington Capitals.

Posted on 11/08/06 at 11:50 PM

With the Bruins losing on Monday against the Atlanta Thrashers and Hannu Toivonen not playing well at all, yesterday the Bruins sent Hannu Toivonen and defenseman Mike Stuart to Providence. To replace Toivonen, the Bruins recalled veteran goalie Brian Finley, who last played for the Nashville Predators. The Bruins next game is against the Toronto Maple Leafs tomorrow night. Andrew Raycroft and Hal Gill will be coming back to Boston for the first time since the Bruins didn't re-sign Gill and traded away Raycroft. If Wade Brookbank plays tomorrow, I would hope for a Brookbank vs Wade Belak fight.

Posted on 11/05/06 at 2:05 AM

Bruins celebrate after Glen Murray's goalWith the Bruins losing against the Buffalo Sabres on Thursday they needed to come out and play good against the Lightning. The Bruins started the game good as they lead 1-0 after the first period. Then the game started to become a shooting gallery as both teams combined for 8 goals in the second period. At the end of the second period, it was 5-4 Lightning. Hannu Toivonen did not play well as he let in a soft goal. The Bruins tied the game in the third period with Zdeno Chara scoring his 3rd goal of the season, a power-play goal. The game went into overtime with the Bruins on the power-play. Seventeen seconds into the overtime period and Glen Murray scored on a one-timer from Paul Mara to win the game for the Bruins, 6-5. The Bruins are now 4-5-2.

The Bruins next game is on Monday at the Atlanta Thrashers.

Posted on 11/02/06 at 3:08 PM

The Bruins played a strong physical game against the Ottawa Senators last Saturday and tonight they face the hot Buffalo Sabres. According to, Marco Sturm will return to the Bruins lineup and join Patrice Bergeron and Brad Boyes on the top line. The lines for tonight's game will be:

Sturm - Bergeron - Boyes
Axelsson - Savard - Murray
Primeau - Kessel - Donovan
Brookbank - Mowers - Hoggan

Yan Stastny will be a healthy scratch and so will defenseman Milan Jurcina, with Andrew Alberts coming back from his shoulder injury. Tim Thomas will start tonight against the Sabres. With Brookbank in the lineup and if the Sabres dress Andrew Peters, we could see a good heavyweight bout between those two. Brookbank got into his first fight against Chris Neil of the Ottawa Senators in the last game.

Posted on 10/27/06 at 10:15 PM

The Bruins lossed against the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 last night. With two seconds left in the game Andrei Markov scored a power play goal to take the lead for the Canadiens. Matt Lashoff was called for a penalty that set up the power play that Markov scored on. Just a few seconds before, Phil Kessel made a move on Mike Komisarek and Komisarek should have been called for a penalty but he wasn't and then Lashoff is called for a similar penalty. Overall the refs had a bad game. They gave a game misconduct to Alexei Kovalev earlier in the game because of his hissy fit he had after he was hit by a Bruin. Then they gave a penalty to Craig Rivet for slamming his stick on the ice.

The Bruins play the Ottawa Senators on Saturday and it will be a tough challenge for the Bruins. I'm looking forward to seeing a Wade Brookbank vs Brian McGrattan fight. Brookbank still doesn't have any fights this season, while McGrattan has three fights so far this season.

Posted on 10/25/06 at 11:35 PM

The Bruins play the Montreal Canadiens tomorrow night. It has been reported that Tim Thomas will probably start against the hated Habs. With Andrew Alberts out for a month with a shoulder separation and Brad Stuart out for three weeks with a broken pinky finger, the Bruins called up defenseman Matt Lashoff from the AHL Providence Bruins. Yesterday the Bruins sent forward Nate Thompson back to the AHL Providence Bruins. It's likely that Marco Sturm will not play against the Canadiens and Mark Mowers might play, so the Bruins may have to call up someone from Providence. I'm hoping for a Wade Brookbank-Garth Murray fight tomorrow night. Brookbank needs to get his first fighting major with the Bruins already, come on!

Posted on 10/22/06 at 11:57 PM

The Bruins were outplayed Saturday night against the Buffalo Sabres and lost 6-2. Marco Sturm (bruised right leg), Andrew Alberts (separated right shoulder), and Mark Mowers (shoulder strain) all missed the game against the Sabres because of their injuries. During the game Brad Stuart broke a finger and will be out for the next few games (I didn't hear yet for how long). I was hoping for a Wade Brookbank vs Andrew Peters fight but that didn't happen. Brookbank did score a goal though, so hopefully he is in for the upcoming games (and for most of the season).

The next Bruins game is against the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday at 7pm EST. With Aaron Downey being out with the concussion from being hit by Robyn Regehr, I don't think anybody on Montreal would take on Brookbank. Maybe Mike Komisarek or Garth Murray would take on Brookbank but that would be wishful thinking.

Posted on 10/20/06 at 12:51 AM

The Bruins won their home opener 3-2 against the Calgary Flames. The Bruins came out strong with Brad Boyes scoring a goal only 18 seconds into the game. They played a strong first period leading 2-0. In the second period they looked to try and play safe. Langkow for the Flames scored a goal which got the Flames going but near the end of the second period, Bruins Glen Murray scored a goal to put the Bruins up 3-1. There was a fight (if you can call it that) in the second period, but it wasn't what everyone thought it would be. Jeff Hoggan and Darren McCarty dropped the gloves and didn't do much swinging, as they grappled and fell down to the ice. I thought Wade Brookbank and McCarty would have a go, but we'll have to wait longer for Brookbank's first fighting major this season. In the third period, the Flames tried to come back but didn't have enough to tie the game. The Bruins next game is against the high-scoring Buffalo Sabres on Saturday. Maybe Saturday we'll see Brookbank's first fighting major against the Sabres Andrew Peters. Peters has two fights this season (against New York Rangers Colton Orr and Detroit Red Wings Brad Norton). Hopefully Brookbank and Peters will both be playing.

Posted on 10/19/06 at 6:00 PM

With the Bruins losing three straight games (against the Thrashers, Blues, and Islanders), it's a good time to come home and try and change things around. Tonight is the Bruins home opener and they will try and change things around when they play the Calgary Flames. The Flames are 2-3-1 as of right now this season while the Bruins are 1-3-1. Tonight it looks like Marco Sturm will be scratched from the lineup due to his leg being swollen from a slap shot he took above his left knee. So Wade Brookbank should be in the lineup and look for him and Darren McCarty to hook up for some fisticuffs.

Posted on 10/07/06

Bruins celebrate after Wayne Primeau's goalThe Bruins got their first win of the season tonight and it was against the Tampa Bay Lightning, 3-2. Wayne Primeau got the scoring started in the first period with his second goal of the season. The other goals came from Brad Boyes and Patrice Bergeron. Zdeno Chara got 2 assists and played 33:33 minutes. Hannu Toivonen got the start and made 29 saves on 31 shots. The Bruins next game is on Wednesday against the Atlanta Thrashers.

Posted on 10/06/06

The Bruins got blown out in their first regular season game, 8-3 against the Florida Panthers. Tim Thomas got the start in net for the Bruins and allowed 7 goals on 34 shots in 48:12 of playing time. He was pulled in the third and Hannu Toivonen came in and he gave up 1 goal on 4 shots. The Panthers Todd Bertuzzi had 1 goal and 3 assists, and Joe Nieuwendyk scored 2 goals and had an assist. Zdeno Chara in his first regular season as a Bruins had 2 assists in 29:52 of playing time. Bruins goals were scored by Glen Murray, Marco Sturm, and Wayne Primeau. Rookie Phil Kessel was a -2 and still remains a defensive liability in his own end. With 12:29 in the third period, Yan Stastny tried to get the Bruins going by getting into a fight with Panthers defenseman Bryan Allen. It didn't last too long because Zdeno Chara came right in to protect his young teammate. Chara did not get third man in, he only received a 2-minute minor for roughing, while Stastny received a 5-minute major for fighting, and Allen received a 5-minute major for fighting and a 2-minute minor for roughing. Stastny is not a fighter and should have not had to do this, and if Wade Brookbank was playing he would have done this because this is his role. We'll see if he plays tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

According to the Bruins Insider blog on, Petr Tenkrat has cleared waivers and eligible to be sent down to Providence, but for now he is on the Bruins roster. This is a player who the Bruins traded a draft pick to Toronto for and they are already maybe sending him down or somewhere else. Not a good trade.

Posted on 10/05/06

The Bruins don't play their first regular season game until tomorrow against the Florida Panthers. But if you watched TSN or VS (formerly OLN) last night then you got to see some hockey. In the Ottawa-Toronto game, it looked a little strange seeing Andrew Raycroft and Hal Gill in the blue and white Toronto Maple Leafs jerseys. Hal Gill didn't look too good as Chris Neil blew right by him and scored a goal. Later it looked like Neil challenged Gill to fight but Gill didn't respond. Andrew Raycroft got his first loss of the season as the Leafs lost 4-1. They play again tonight so we'll see what happens.

Posted on 10/03/06

The Bruins have announced that they have named defenseman Zdeno Chara as their Captain. Chara becomes the 18th Captain in Boston Bruins history. Patrice Bergeron and Glen Murray were named Assistant Captains too. You can read more on

Posted on 09/25/06

The Bruins made some more moves today by sending down quite a few players to the minors. From, the Bruins "assigned to Providence (AHL) were forwards Martins Karsums, David Krejci, Pascal Pelletier, Tyler Redenbach, Nate Thompson, Kris Versteeg and Ben Walter; defensemen Bobby Allen, Matt Lashoff, Jay Leach and Jonathan Sigalet; and goaltender Brian Finley."

The Boston Bruins are now 4-1 in the pre-season. Don't forget Bruins fans, this Saturday the Bruins vs Rangers pre-season game will be on NESN at 4pm. The NHL regular season is coming soon!

Posted on 09/10/06

For those of you who like tough guys, the Bruins have Milan Lucic (the 50th overall draft pick from this year's draft) in rookie training camp. From the Sunday Boston Globe, in the sports hockey section, it says that he caught Chiarelli's eye,

"'I was told he would be a bit of a project, and he does have to work on his skating,' said Chiarelli. 'He's a big, tough guy, and you always expect those guys can't skate. But he's got a little finish to him - nice hands - and better balance than I expected.'"

I personally don't think Lucic will make the team this year, but I hope he does. If he doesn't make the team this year, he brings some interest for the coming seasons for Bruins fans who like physical play.

Posted on 09/09/06

For those Bruins fans who can't wait for the Bruins season to start, there will be Bruins classics on NESN to get you ready for the upcoming season. NESN will show Bruins classics such as the Adams Division Finals Game 7 vs the Montreal Canadiens (1991), Cam Neely scores his 50th goal vs the Washington Capitals (1994), Adams Division Semi-finals Game 1 vs the Hartford Whalers (1990), the huge brawl against the Washington Capitals with Ken Belanger and Ken Baumgartner leading the Bruins (1998), Ray Bourque becomes the all-time point leader vs the Tampa Bay Lightning (1997), and more. You can view the schedule on this on-air schedule on

NESN will show one Bruins pre-season game for this year on September 30th against the New York Rangers. Will we see a Wade Brookbank vs Colton Orr match-up? I hope so.

Posted on 08/25/06

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Posted on 08/22/06

The Bruins re-signed young star center Patrice Bergeron to a multi-year contract. This is good news for Bruins fans. Locking up Bergeron is a great move because Bergeron is a good player that will continue to improve into a great player in the league. I'm looking forward to the season. Read more about the signing on

Posted on 08/17/06

The Bruins signed Phil Kessel, their first round draft pick in this year's NHL draft, to a three-year deal worth $850,000. He will report to camp and I think he'll probably make the team. Hopefully he can bring what the Bruins need, a good player.

Posted on 08/07/06

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Posted on 08/06/06

The Bruins have walked away from David Tanabe and the salary settlement they agreed upon prior to the arbitration hearing. With the signings of Jason York, Wade Brookbank (could play forward too), Bobby Allen, and Nathan Dempsey, you could see this coming. So the Bruins defense group looks pretty deep with Zdeno Chara, Brad Stuart, Paul Mara, Milan Jurcina, Andrew Alberts, Mark Stuart, and the above mentioned defensemen.

Posted on 08/03/06

The Boston Bruins have re-signed forward Brad Boyes to a two-year contract ($1.4 million this year and $1.6 million next season, with the cap hit being $1.5 million). Now the Bruins need to sign Patrice Bergeron to a long-term deal.

Posted on 07/24/06

We have added the Bruins pre-season schedule on the right-side of this page. We will also be adding the regular season schedule soon. The Bruins first pre-season game is against the New Jersey Devils on Sunday, September 17th.

Posted on 07/19/06

Wade BrookbankThe Bruins have signed tough guy Wade Brookbank to a one-year deal (two-way NHL/AHL contract). Brookbank can play as a defenseman and as a forward, so he gives the Bruins some versatility and some toughness that they have needed since giving away Colton Orr last season. Brookbank is coming off a season where he didn't do too well in the fighting department and he had concussion problems, which is always a big concern for players that drop the gloves (remember Ken Belanger with the Bruins, he missed quite a few games because of concussion problems). Last season Brookbank played in 32 games, scored 1 goal and 2 assists for three points, along with 81 PIMs.

In case you have never seen Wade Brookbank fight, below are some free hockey fight clips you can download and watch on your computer. Please right-click on the links and select "Save Target As..."

Posted on 07/02/06

The Bruins have signed right wing Shean Donovan to a two-year contract. Donovan, who played for the Calgary Flames last season, scored 9 goals in 80 games. He is mostly known as a checker and energy type of player. He will probably be playing this next season on a line with P.J. Axelsson and Wayne Primeau to give the Bruins a pretty good checking line.

Posted on 07/01/06

Zdeno CharaThe Bruins made the biggest free agent signing so far this off-season. The Bruins signed defenseman Zdeno Chara to a five-year contract worth $37.5 million dollars (the contract also includes a no-trade clause). Zdeno Chara is 29 years old, he's the tallest (6'9", 261 lbs.) player in the NHL and was considered the biggest "prize" in this year's free agent market. Last year Chara with the Ottawa Senators had 16 goals, 43 points, and 135 PIMs. He should bring a stable force to the Bruins lineup. Now with Chara, Brad Stuart, and Paul Mara, the Bruins look to have good top three defensemen.

The Bruins also signed center Marc Savard to a four-year contract worth $20 million. Savard is 28 years old, played for the Atlanta Thrashers last season and scored 28 goals, had 97 points in 82 games.

Posted on 06/30/06

The Bruins have bought-out the contracts of forwards Travis Green and Shawn McEachern.

Posted on 06/29/06

The Bruins have hired Dave Lewis to a four-year contract to coach the Bruins. He will be the 27th coach in Bruins history. Lewis formerly coached the Detroit Red Wings before being fired.

Posted on 06/27/06

The Bruins have fired coach Mike Sullivan. I don't know who they'll now hire but the names I've heard are Pat Quinn and Kevin Dineen.

Posted on 06/24/06

Phil KesselThe Boston Bruins have acquired goaltender Tuukka Rask from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for goaltender Andrew Raycroft. In the 2006 NHL Entry Draft in Vancouver, the Bruins with the fifth selection in the first round drafted Phil Kessel. You can view the other players that the Bruins drafted on

Boston Bruins have acquired defenseman Paul Mara and Phoenix's third round draft pick in either the 2007 or 2008 NHL Entry Drafts (Boston's option) from the Phoenix Coyotes in exchange for Nick Boynton and a 2007 fourth-round draft pick. The Bruins signed Mara on a two-year contract.

Posted on 06/16/06

The Bruins have acquired the rights to Petr Tenkrat from the Toronto Maple Leafs for a seventh-round pick in the June 24 draft and signed him to a one-year contract. Tenkrat has played in 113 NHL games with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Nashville Predators, and scored 13 goals and 38 points. Bruins interim general manager Jeff Gorton said, "We feel that his talents fit in very well with the way the NHL game is played today."

Posted on 06/15/06

Peter ChiarelliI know I'm posting about this late but the Boston Bruins have hired a new General Manager, Peter Chiarelli, who was the assistant general manager of the Ottawa Senators for two years. Let's all hope he does a better job than Mike O'Connell. To read more about the Bruins hiring Chiarelli as their new GM, read this article on