Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bruins finish lost season tonight

Tonight the Bruins will play their last game of the regular season and it will be against the Ottawa Senators. This season has been another bad year for the Bruins as they won't make the playoffs again. We'll again have to wait until next season. The off-season should be somewhat interesting in what the Bruins will be doing such as trades, signings, and the draft.

In other news, former Bruin Joe Thornton reached 90 assists for the second straight season. Only Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux have done that before, but now Thornton joins those two with that amazing stat. That trade still hurts really bad. For those Bruins fans that say it was a good trade and that we don't need Joe, then you obviously don't know what you're talking about and don't know hockey. You're just an O'Connell/Jacobs suck up. Probably worst trade ever. Other teams still talk about it and make fun of the Bruins, as do television broadcasts such as TSN.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Looks like Dave Lewis will be back next season

It wasn't surprising to see the Bruins give up the game winning goal with eighteen seconds left in the third period yesterday to the Atlanta Thrashers, but it was interesting to hear that Dave Lewis got the word that he'll be back next season as the Bruins head coach. According to an article on, Lewis said:
"I talked to Peter and there's nothing to worry about. We have to get better as a group. We have to get better as a team. We have a road ahead of us that we know the direction we're going. Now it's up to us, the coaches, to get better for next year. We have to have a better start. Obviously, we didn't have a strong start, fell behind, and we haven't been consistent."
Even Bruins owner Jacobs gave GM Peter Chiarelli the option to fire Lewis if he wanted to. From an article on, Jacobs said:
"If [Chiarelli] feels he wants to make a change, he has the wherewithal to do it. He can fire him or keep him, that's up to him. He is not going to be second-guessed, in either case. Whatever the decision is, he's going to make it. More than once, I've told him, 'If you feel the best thing to do is make a change, then you have to make it.' He would not be second-guessed, by me, or anyone."
A little later today the Bruins will play at the New Jersey Devils.