Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bruins 2012-2013 schedule released

The NHL has released the 2012-2013 schedule and we can now see the upcoming Bruins schedule here on Here are some key dates:

September 25th - First preseason game

October 11th - Bruins start the season at the Philadelphia Flyers

October 16th - Bruins @ Montreal, first game against Montreal

October 18th - Montreal @ Bruins, nice home and home action

October 30th - Sabres @ Bruins

November 1st - Bruins @ Maple Leafs

November 2nd - Bruins @ Capitals

December 10th - Bruins @ Red Wings

December 17th - Kings @ Bruins

December 29th - Bruins @ Canucks

January 12th - Blackhawks @ Bruins

January 21st - Maple Leafs @ Bruins (Thank You Kessel! chant will be in full affect, especially if Dougie Hamilton makes the team)

April 13th - Last game of the season, Bruins @ Sabres

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