Saturday, June 29, 2013

Nathan Horton will not re-sign with Bruins

Nathan Horton
Nathan Horton (Photo by Getty Images
Wow this is shocking news, as Bruins forward Nathan Horton wants to move on and sign with another team. In his words, he wants a new beginning. Horton has always said how much he loves the city of Boston and the fans so this is quite shocking.

What made Horton change his mind about staying in Boston? His family/wife? Apparently it's not about money, but who knows, we always hear about athletes saying it's not about money but in reality sometimes it is about money. Did something happen for him to change his mind? I don't get it, as you're on a team that just went to the Stanley Cup Finals and you don't want to stay for at least another season to try to win it again? Well we will see what team Horton signs with and the contract details of it to see just how much it's not about the money.

Horton indicated to Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli that he was looking for "a new beginning" with a different NHL team, and was going to sign with someone else once he became a free agent on July 5.

No offers were ever exchanged between the team and Horton over the last few months, according to Krepelka, and it had nothing to do with any sort of money considerations.

"Nathan loved and appreciated his time in Boston, but he's looking forward to the chance at a new beginning that's been made available to him via free agency,” said Krepelka. "This was his choice. This wasn't a monetary decision. This was the choice that Nathan thought was best for him."

The NHL Entry Draft is tomorrow and there is talk that teams are calling about Tyler Seguin. Will the Bruins trade Seguin for picks? We will find out what happens tomorrow.

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