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Bruins vs Canadiens game 6 summary

Game summary video of Boston Bruins @ Montreal Canadiens in Game 6, on May 12, 2014.
Canadiens shutout Bruins 4-0 in Game 6, force a Game 7 on Wednesday
The Bruins didn't bring it in Game 6 and couldn't capitalize on the chances they had as the Montreal Canadiens put up four goals to force a Game 7 on Wednesday at 7pm ET in Boston.

Quick game summary
In the first period, Canadiens Lars Eller scored, making it 1-0 Canadiens.

In the second period, Canadiens Max Pacioretty scored, making it 2-0 Canadiens. Less than three minutes later, Canadiens Thomas Vanek scored a power-play goal, making it 3-0 Canadiens.

In the third period, Canadiens Thomas Vanek scored, an empty-net goal, making it 4-0 Canadiens. Near the end of the game, first there was Canadiens David Desharnais slewfooting Bruins Brad Marchand. Then a little later, Canadiens Andrei "expert throw-my-head-back" Markov trips up Bruins Zdeno Chara and then puts his stick between Chara's legs in the not so nice area (see image below or GIF here), and then rough stuff started breaking out. Of course Desharnais and Markov probably won't be fined or suspended, because they're doing it against Boston. Nothing new here. Can't forget those "classy" Montreal fans, throwing trash at Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara.

Watch Andrei Markov as he earns 10 stars for his diving after taking an Iginla glove to the face. This is hilarious.
GIF: Lucic & Iginla go after Weaver on Twitpic

Watch Markov go down like he got shot. What an embarassment. What a joke. How can you call yourself a man and do something like that? Markov, you're a joke and a disgrace to all hockey players and to the sport of hockey. Please retire and don't come back, no one is going to miss your diving faking behind. How do you live with yourself?
GIF: Iggy punches Markov, who does his best to sell it on Twitpic

After the game
Here's a quote from Bruins coach Claude Julien on the rough stuff near the end of the game.
All I said was that we're perceived as the bad guys and they're the good guys. When Markov trips Chara and then he puts his stick between his legs and nothing's going to be called, eventually somebody's going to react. So whether it's right or wrong, Zdeno reacted and then everything else started. And there was a slewfoot before - Deshamais on Marchand. It's a slewfoot. Those are things that we keep talking about that are dangerous in our game.

It's a rivalry and there's some things going on both sides. I'm not portraying ourselves as innocent here, I'm just saying it takes two teams to tangle and that's what happened.
Source: @michaelFhurley on Twitter

Game notes
Tuukka Rask played in net and made 24 saves on 28 shots. Rask is now 7-4-1 with a 1.90 GAA and a .933 save percentage in the playoffs.

The Bruins went 0-for-3 on the power-play while the Canadiens went 1-for-4. The Canadiens led the game in shots 28-26, hits 39-34, faceoff wins 32-29 and blocked shots 20-17.

Jarome Iginla led the Bruins with 6 shots. Kevan Miller led the Bruins with 6 hits and 7 blocked shots.

Onto the next one
The series is now tied 3-3 and Game 7 will be on Wednesday at 7pm ET in Boston.

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