Sunday, November 29, 2015

Claude Julien vs Alain Vigneault

Claude JulienAlain Vigneault
Bruins coach Claude Julien vs Rangers coach Alain Vigneault
After Friday's Rangers vs Bruins game, Bruins forward Brad Marchand and Bruins coach Claude Julien had some comments about Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist embellishing a goalie interference call. Marchand said, "He must have gotten hit with a cement block the way he went down... I didn't know I was that strong" while Julien had the below comments.

"I know [Lundqvist] does some acting on the side but I don't think it needs to be on the ice. Referees are there to protect goaltenders, and they should. Goaltenders shouldn't take advantage of referees. You may think it's a good play for his team to get a power play, but we're all trying to get that out of our game. If my guys do that I'm going to address it. I'm not hypocritical about that. We're trying to improve the game here. More than anything else I think is the way we bounced back, whether it's karma or whether its character whatever it is, I liked our effort tonight."
-Claude Julien

On Saturday, New York Rangers coach Alain Vigneault responded to the media about the comments made by Bruins coach Claude Julien.
"Well, [the Rangers public relations staff] filled me in a little bit on what was said after the game. I mean it's a little disappointing. Obviously everybody saw the knee to the head. The comments on Hank were very inappropriate. The way Hank conducts himself, on the ice, away from the rink, off the ice, the example that he sets. Who would you rather have as a son, Henrik Lundqvist or Brad Marchand? For him to say things like that about Hank, totally wrong, and probably Claude is getting a little older and needs to check his eyesight."
-Alain Vigneault

The next time these two teams face each other is on January 11, 2016.

UPDATE, 11/29
Bruins coach Claude Julien wanted to clear up his comments from the other day as some have twisted what he said. Julien also responded to Vigneault's remark that he needs to check his eyesight.
"I think it's pretty obvious what I said... I thought Lundqvist sold it. Not for a second did I ever question Henrik Lundqvist as a person, or a goaltender or any of that. We all know how good he is as a goaltender, and I know he's a good person. I've met him at the All-Star games and all that stuff. It wasn't anything more than the situation, so that's all I've got to say on Lundqvist."

"As far as my eyes, I'm not the one that compared Beleskey's hit to Aaron Rome's [hit]."
-Claude Julien

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