Friday, March 28, 2008

Milan Lucic wins 7th Player Award

Last night before the game vs Toronto, the Bruins 7th Player Award was awarded to none other than rookie forward Milan Lucic. Lucic deserved to win the award and he was my choice as well. Congratulations to Milan Lucic! Some quotes from the rookie after last night's game (source):

"I think [the Bruins] set that certain identity with the players they've had in the organization," said the rookie to the reporters who waited for him after the game -- many of whom had smiles on their faces while listening to Milan. "Back in the day I can name lots of them who played here: Cam [Neely], Ray [Bourque], and Terry O'Reilly. Look up at the rafters and you can see all the guys who've had their numbers retired. It's all guys who have played hardnosed hockey in your face."

"It's a very successful style and I think it's an entertaining style," he said.

"You know, as a player you always want to be a popular player," said Lucic. "You want to be a fan favorite. [But, before tonight] to be perfectly honest, it never really crossed my mind."

"I just went out there and tried to play my game, play hard everyday, and tried to contribute."

"I guess you could say that my style of hockey sort of fits the bill for a Boston Bruin," he said, finally. "So it's probably the best place I could've come out of all thirty teams."

The Bruins beat Toronto last night to finish off Toronto's chances of making the playoffs. The Bruins next game is on Saturday against the Ottawa Senators.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good and bad injury news

Well there is some news about the Bruins injuries and there is some bad news and some good news. First the bad news. Forward Chuck Kobasew who got hurt in the game against Toronto on Tuesday, has a fractured tibia and will be out anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks depending on how fast it heals. This is really bad for the offense-struggling Bruins as Kobasew has been a big offense provider for most of the season. Defenseman Andrew Ference is still day-to-day with a knee injury. No news on defenseman Andrew Alberts but don't expect him to come back this season or for the playoffs. Center Marc Savard will be evaluated after the weekend.

Some good news on Patrice Bergeron. Bergeron had a neuro-psych test earlier this week which he passed. There is still no timetable on when/if Bergeron will come back to play this season/playoffs.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bruins youngsters bring it vs Toronto

Tonight the Bruins won a big game against the Toronto Maple Leafs 6-2. With Marc Savard and Andrew Ference already out for this one, Chuck Kobasew got hurt in the first period after taking a puck off one of his feet. But the Bruins youngsters and character players stepped up and helped the Bruins offense score six goals.

David Krejci had a goal and an assist. Matt Lashoff had two assists. Phil Kessel scored the fifth goal of the game which came at a good time. Milan Lucic had two assists, one which was a nice pass to Shawn Thornton where Thornton deked around Vesa Toskala to score his 4th goal of the season. Jeremy Reich scored an empty net goal to end the game, his 2nd of the season. Glen Murray and Marco Sturm added the other two goals in the game for the Bruins. I will try and post the Shawn Thornton goal and the Jeremy Reich goal.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Savard and Ference injury updates

The Bruins Bear Essentials blog says that center Marc Savard and defenseman Andrew Ference are injured. Marc Savard was injured on Saturday night against the Montreal Canadiens when agitator Steve Begin cross checked him in the back, and the referees didn't call a penalty when Savard was down, obviously hurt and in pain. Savard will not play in the next two games, which is a huge blow to the already low-scoring Bruins.

"Savvy's situation is a result from the crosscheck the other night," he told the media gathered in the Ristuccia Center on Monday. "He's having a CAT scan done today and we'll probably know more later on today.

"But he will not be making the trip, there is no doubt about that."

As for Andrew Ference, he also will not play in tomorrow's game against the Maple Leafs.
"With Ference it is a leg injury and that happened last game, as well," said Coach Julien. "He's day-to-day. And will definitely not be making the trip with us for tomorrow's game.

"But after that, he'll be a day-to-day situation."

This is bad news for a team that needs points desperately and needs veterans like Savard and Ference in the lineup. Hopefully someone steps up in their places.

Bruins recall Matt Lashoff

The Bruins have recalled defenseman Matt Lashoff from the Providence Bruins (AHL) on an emergency basis because of the leg injury to defenseman Andrew Ference. Lashoff traveled to Toronto and might play on Tuesday against the Maple Leafs.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Live game updates: Bruins vs Canadiens

Since this is a big game for the Bruins I will try and give updates during the game so those who can't watch it know what's going on.

The game has begun and Tim Thomas is starting for the Bruins tonight.

Update at 7:17pm
Early game update: Glen Murray with a big hit on Alexei Kovalev already. Montreal scored so it's 1-0. Off the next faceoff P.J. Axelsson and agitator Maxim Lapierre had some words then a few seconds later they dropped the gloves and fought. Not much by both players but good to see.

Update at 7:53pm
The first period has ended and the score is 2-1, Montreal with the lead. Well the refs are calling lots of penalties which I think is disrupting the gameplay. The Bruins once again can't seem to stop the Canadiens' offense. Hopefully in the second period things turn around.

Update at 8:28pm
The Bruins have tied up the game 2-2. Petteri Nokelainen scored his 7th goal of the season.

Update at 9:57pm
The Bruins lossed to the Canadiens in the shootout. Saku Koivu scored the only goal to win it for Montreal.

Update on 03/24/08, 11:27pm
We've added the game summary video for this on game on our new Bruins videos page. You can watch it here.

Big game for Bruins tonight

Thursday night the Bruins once again lost to the hated Montreal Canadiens and are still winless this season against the Canadiens. Later today the Bruins will play at Montreal (7pm EST) and try to win to make them closer to the playoffs. The Bruins (8 games remaining with 83 points) are fighting for one of the last two playoff spots with the Philadelphia Flyers (7 games remaining with 84 points), Washington Capitals (6 games remaining with 82 points), and Buffalo Sabres (7 games remaining with 81 points).

I think you may see Alex Auld start against the Canadiens later tonight. That wouldn't surprise me as Tim Thomas has not looked good recently. I haven't read anything yet on who would start though.

On Thursday, the Bruins sent defenseman Matt Lashoff back down to the Providence Bruins (AHL). Lashoff has played in 14 games this season for the Bruins, scoring 1 goal and recording 2 assists.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chatting with Shawn Thornton

On March 19th had a chat session for fans who could ask questions to Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton. You can read the whole chat log on Below I quoted some interesting and fun comments from Shawn.

BsGal127: Hi Shawn. What's the most difficult part of being a fighter in the NHL today?
Shawn Thornton: Well besides getting punched in the face, just getting mentally prepared for guys that are a lot bigger than me.

GahhhdenGuy: Hey Shawn, who do you consider the hardest puncher you've faced in the NHL, past or present?
Shawn Thornton: Tough one to answer...A guy I played with, Louie DeBrusk.

savvy_91: Hey Shawn, I've noticed that sometimes on the road the team seems to need an early game fight to get energized. How do you and the other fighters gauge this energy and how do you sort out who fights?
Shawn Thornton: There's fights for three reasons as far as I'm concerned...
To stick up for a teammate.
To stick up for yourself.
Or to create energy or momentum.

GahhhdenGuy: What was the story behind you and Lucic in the opening 2 fights against the Capitals? Was it pre-meditated?
Shawn Thornton: It wasn't premeditated for me. I think it might have been for Luch.

Bosbruins9875: Hey Shawn Have u ever fought with P.J. Stock.
Shawn Thornton: Yeah we have fought twice, he's a tough character.

Stockfan42: What was your favorite moment from all of this year's games?
Shawn Thornton: Luch getting the Gordie Howe hat trick in LA

Chara and Thornton vs Brashear

Here are the fights from the Bruins awful game on March 3rd when they got blown out by the Washington Capitals. Zdeno Chara first took on Donald Brashear and then later in the game Shawn Thornton fought Brashear. Thornton's fight was more interesting and one of the best of the season. Watch them both below.

Chara vs Brashear

Thornton vs Brashear

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bruins sign forward Jeff LoVecchio

Today the Boston Bruins signed 6'2" 200lb left wing Jeff LoVecchio to an entry-level contract.

"Jeff is a big, strong skater who also has a good shot," said Chiarelli. "Last year he was voted one of the best defensive forwards in the CCHA and at the same time scored 19 goals. We expect Jeff to work on his skills in Providence and then in time, contribute as a two-way player in the NHL."


Goals from Bruins tough guys

I enjoy seeing the tough guys score goals and I've been trying to post the goals scored by Milan Lucic, Shawn Thornton, and Jeremy Reich this season. Well below are videos of two more goals, one from Lucic and the other from Thornton.

On February 23rd against the Tampa Bay Lightning, Milan Lucic scored his 7th goal of the season. Watch it below.

On February 26th against the Ottawa Senators, Shawn Thornton scored his 3rd goal of the season. Watch it below.

Milan Lucic's fight vs Jarkko Ruutu

If you missed the Bruins vs Penguins game on February 28th, then you missed a good win by the Bruins and a big long fight between Milan Lucic and Pens agitator Jarkko Ruutu. In the third period Ruutu went after Lucic as Lucic was at the end of a shift and pushed Lucic a few times to get him to drop the gloves. They dropped the gloves and then had one of the longest fights this season. Lucic started with some body shots which you could tell helped later as Lucic landed some big punches on Ruutu. You can watch the fight below. Make sure to pay attention to the replay they show after the fight as Ruutu throws a punch that misses which then Lucic counters that with a huge punch that lands on Ruutu's face and watch the background as you'll see the Bruins bench yell in excitement for Lucic. Also included in the video below is a TSN interview with Milan Lucic after that game.

You can download this clip here.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Action from 2/21 game vs Panthers

I'm late again posting some clips from Bruins games this season, but below are two video clips from the Bruins vs Panthers game on February 21st. I hope you enjoy the clips. First one is Jeremy Reich in a good fight against Steve Montador. Give the decision to Reich in that one. The second clip is Mark Stuart vs Gregory Campbell. Campbell didn't like a hit that Stuart gave him earlier in the period so they dropped the gloves, but it wasn't much of a fight.

Jeremy Reich vs Steve Montador

Mark Stuart vs Gregory Campbell

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Action from 2/19 game vs Hurricanes

I know I'm late in posting this but below are some video clips from the game vs the Carolina Hurricanes on February 19th.

Jeremy Reich and Tim Conboy drop the gloves and it's all Reich in this fight. Reich gets the win in this fight. Watch it below.
Milan Lucic hits Scott Walker from behind and Walker doesn't like it as they shove and talk to each other. Watch it below.
Milan Lucic comes out of the penalty box from his hitting from behind penalty, and he gets a scoring chance. Former Bruin Wade Brookbank follows Lucic around the ice challenging him to a fight. Lucic and Brookbank do drop the gloves and have a good fight. I would give this fight a draw. Watch it below.
Tim Gleason hits Marc Savard with a big hit and Milan Lucic challenges Gleason to a fight. They drop the gloves and have a good squareoff. Looks like Gleason lands a left on Lucic's already broken nose and Lucic loses his balance and goes down to the ice. Decision to Gleason in this one. Watch it below.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Shawn Thornton's 2 goals vs Hurricanes

Here's a video clip of the two goals that Shawn Thornton scored against the Carolina Hurricanes on February 12th.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Chatting with Milan Lucic

Milan Lucic had a rinkside chat with fans on February 27th and has the chat transcript. Lucic seems to be a funny, easy-going kid and has become my favorite Bruin this season. Make sure to check out the transcript. Here are some interesting questions by fans and answers by Lucic (taken from various spots throughout the chat):

Jessie: Any reason for the number 17?

Milan Lucic: Well I was born on June 7, so I like to have the #7 in my number. Growing up in Junior I wore 27 but obviously it is taken by Glen Murray and 37 was taken by Patrice...7 and 77 weren't available either!

Kapler_Fan: Who has been your idol for hockey?

Milan Lucic: Growing up my uncle Dan Kesa played pro hockey and also played 130 games in the NHL for Van, Pit, Dal and Tampa.

MarcoSturm16: Are you done fighting for the year after you re-broke your nose?

Milan Lucic: That's a good question haha. I'm going to let the bone heal and we will see what happens... about six weeks left in the reg season so somewhere in the last few games there may be an altercation.

blackngold: Keep up the great work Milan! Have you received any fighting pointers and help from Thorts and/or Reich?

Milan Lucic: Not really, but they give me good scouting reports... Thorts get out of my chat you can ask me these questions tomorrow. Haha.

mdrew: Do you hate the Montreal Canadiens as much as I do?

Milan Lucic: What do you think?