Friday, December 31, 2010

Thrashers beat Bruins in shootout

As with a lot of games that are hyped up to be physical and possibly full of fights for revenge, usually nothing happens and that's exactly what happened in Thursday night's game against the Atlanta Thrashers. The only dust-up that happened was between Daniel Paille and Dustin Byfuglien. Byfuglien came in late and with an elbow at Paille in front of the Thrashers goalie after a save and Paille didn't like it so he pushed back. Byfuglien dropped the gloves as did Paille but both fell to the ice in an awkward position. Besides that, there were some hits but it was mainly a tame game. The game was filled with questionable penalties on both sides, which led to two Atlanta power-play goals. For the Thrashers, Freddy Meyer and Evander Kane were out of the lineup. For the Bruins, Gregory Campbell was out with the flu.

Now to the scoring. After the first period it was 1-1. Patrice Bergeron scored on a backhander, his 8th goal of the season. In the second period, both teams scored a goal each. Blake Wheeler scored his 9th goal of the season. No scoring happened in the third period as the game would go into overtime 2-2, and then the shootout. In the shootout Tyler Seguin and Wheeler were both stopped and both Thrashers shooters scored to win the game 3-2.

The Bruins played well in this game and outplayed the Thrashers in the third period, but Thrashers goalie Ondrej Pavelec played great in net.

Some notes about the game:
Seguin only had 6:30 of ice time in the game. He was hit hard and was slow getting up and skated to the bench. Hopefully he is ok, but he looked a little dazed after the hit. Please no more concussions. In the shootout, Seguin tried his deke and go to the backhand move again and Pavelec was ready for it.

Wheeler tried his lose the puck and hopefully get it back and shoot it in the net move, like he did in Florida, but it didn't work tonight.

Brad Marchand skated on a line with Patrice Bergeron and Mark Recchi and that line looked good.

Tim Thomas allowed both shooters in the shootout to score on him. The first one looked to beat him glove side and the second beat him five-hole. I would expect Tuukka Rask to get the start against the Sabres on Saturday. Thomas may need a rest, as I believe I read somewhere that he said he felt tired in the last game.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Recchi's power-play goal with 20 seconds left in game wins it

Brad Marchand and his teammates celebrate his goal
Boston Bruins left wing Brad Marchand (63) celebrates with teammates, including Gregory Campbell (11) and Shawn Thornton (22), after scoring a goal against the Tampa Bay Lightning during the third period of an NHL hockey game Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2010, in Tampa, Fla. Boston won 4-3. (AP Photo/Chris O'Meara)
With Tampa Bay sniper Steven Stamkos in the box on a controversial boarding call, the ageless wonder Mark Recchi scored a power-play goal with 20 seconds left in the third period to give the Bruins the 4-3 lead. That goal would be the game winner and the Bruins would get the two points from the game.

The first three Bruins goals came from Michael Ryder (his 11th goal of the season, a power-play goal), Steve Kampfer (his 1st NHL goal), and Brad Marchand (his 5th goal of the season). Marchand returned to the lineup and besides scoring a goal, he also drew a few penalties.

Coach Claude Julien benched Marc Savard and Nathan Horton for some of the third period as both players weren't playing well. Julien put Recchi and Patrice Bergeron with Milan Lucic, which meant Tyler Seguin found himself on the bench as well for some of the third period.

Tim Thomas played in net and made 31 saves on 34 shots. Thomas is now 18-4-3, with a 1.73 GAA, and a .947 save percentage.

The Bruins are currently in first place in the Northeast division (2 points ahead of Montreal with 2 games in hand) with a 20-11-4 record. In their division, the Bruins lead in goals scored and have the lowest goals against. The next game for the Bruins is on Thursday at the Atlanta Thrashers.

The next three games are all rivalry games, Atlanta on Thursday, Buffalo on Saturday, and Toronto on Monday (all road games for the Bruins). We all remember what happened in the last meeting between the Bruins and Thrashers. We're all expecting something to happen and usually when we do, nothing happens. In the last meeting the Bruins had with the Sabres, at the end of the game Zdeno Chara and Ryan Miller got into it and then Paul Gaustad came in with his stick (similar to last year in the playoffs) and not his fists. Will Gaustad finally grow a pair and take on Chara rather than use his stick all the time? Probably not. And then on Monday the Bruins-Maple Leafs matchup which is always interesting. These games should be exciting and should be rough physical games.

Bruins beat Panthers in shootout

Blake Wheeler scores the game winner in a shootout
Florida Panthers goalie Scott Clemmensen is unable to block a shot by Boston Bruins' Blake Wheeler (26) during the shootout of an NHL hockey game in Sunrise, Fla., Monday, Dec. 27, 2010. The Bruins won 3-2. (AP Photo/J Pat Carter)
Blake Wheeler scored the only goal that was needed in the shootout to beat the Florida Panthers as Tim Thomas stopped all three chances against him. After an uneventful first period, the second period brought some scoring with the Panthers scoring two goals and the Bruins scoring one, David Krejci scoring his 7th goal of the season on a beautiful play.

In the third period, David Krejci scored his second goal of the game, his 8th goal of the season to tie the game. The game would go into overtime and then the shootout and end 3-2 Bruins.

Tim Thomas made 32 saves on 34 shots and is now 17-4-3, with a 1.68 GAA and a .949 save percentage.

The Bruins next play tomorrow at the Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 pm EST.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Lucic fined, not suspended

Today it was announced that Milan Lucic will only be fined and not suspended for his punch on Freddy Meyer in the game against the Atlanta Thrashers on December 23rd. This makes sense, as Scott Walker wasn't suspended when he sucker punched Aaron Ward a few seasons back.

Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli issued the following statement regarding the NHL's disciplinary hearing with forward Milan Lucic:

"The NHL has informed us that Milan will not be suspended as a result of the match penalty assessed to him during our game against the Thrashers last Thursday. He will be fined $2,500 for the punch thrown in the scrum and $1,000 for making an obscene gesture directed at the Thrashers bench. He will join the team on the flight to Florida and be available for Monday’s game against the Panthers."

The match penalty was assessed to Lucic at 15:54 of the third period in the Bruins/Thrashers game on Thursday, December 23. The hearing was held via teleconference on Sunday, December 26.

Lucic and the rest of the Bruins will travel to Sunrise, FL on Sunday for their five-game road trip through Sunrise, Tampa, Atlanta, Buffalo and Toronto.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bruins beat Thrashers 4-1

Tonight's game started with a bang, with Shawn Thornton and Eric Boulton dropping the gloves and having a good even fight. It got the crowd and players going as they scored first with Patrice Bergeron scoring his 7th goal of the season, a shorthanded goal on a breakaway. In the second period, it was an ok period but not much physical play but the Bruins managed to score twice and the Thrashers scored to make it 3-1 by the end of the second period. Michael Ryder (his 10th goal) and Shawn Thornton (his 6th goal) put the goals up for the Bruins.

Boston Bruins-Atlanta Thrashers line brawl
Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

In the third period, things got wild with a full line brawl. Thrashers Freddy Meyer hit Milan Lucic with somewhat of a high hit that Lucic nor any Bruin player liked. To me it looked like a clean hit but the players on the ice thought different. Andrew Ference came in and went after Meyer as did Lucic and then everyone joined in. Lucic managed to throw a punch at Meyer when things got a little more calm and Meyer did his Kaleta impression and dropping to the ice. Nathan Horton and Evander Kane squared off as the entertaining main bout where both threw punches with Horton getting the better against Kane and his visor. Marc Savard and Bryan Little paired off and Little threw quite a few punches at Savard who recently returned from concussion issues. Hopefully Savard is ok as he's not a fighter by any means. I'm not sure how Ference ended up bloody, something must have happened in the pile up. After looking at the video again, in the video below, at the 0:49-0:50 mark you see Anthony Stewart throws a sneaky punch at Ference which lands at the place where he was cut at so I think that unsuspecting punch cut Ference open. Lucic did receive a match penalty so he may get some form of discipline from the punch he threw at Meyer. Lots of people are saying that the punch Lucic threw was a cheapshot, well you know what, I say it is what Meyer deserved. You could also easily say the punch Stewart threw at Ference was cheap. Video of the line brawl below.

Some quotes from Milan Lucic and Andrew Ference after the game about the Meyer hit that started the line brawl:

"It was a high hit and I was bleeding from the lip after a hit like that," Lucic said. "It was the second time that he hit me late and he hit me cheap."

"You can't give a guy a free pass too many times, but I'm happy that we stuck together as a group and as a team."


"I was following right behind him, so I had a really good view of it," Ference said. "The guy just put his stick and his hands right on Lucic's head; it was a high hit no question about it."

"I was right behind him and I saw it really clearly. It wasn't a clean hit at all. We have a team that's committed to each other, so if something goes down like that, the closest guy will come to your aid."

Even Claude Julien thought the hit was dirty:

"Nobody saw that coming until that dirty hit, and that was a dirty hit," he said. "I've looked at it again, and it's a cheap hit."


Later in the third period, Shawn Thornton scored his 2nd goal of the game (his 7th goal of the season). The Bruins tried to feed Thornton the puck at the end of the game and he managed to hit the post. Great game by Thornton, first setting the tone with a big fight with Boulton off the opening faceoff and then two nice goals.

So the Bruins beat the Thrashers 4-1. Good game by the Bruins but I wanted to see more physical play, more hitting. The line brawl was good to see and hopefully that sparks something in them to play more physical. When they do play physical they can be unstoppable. The Bruins play the Thrashers again next week on Thursday at Atlanta. It should be a good one.

Tim Thomas was in net and made 26 saves on 27 shots. Thomas is now 16-4-3, with a 1.67 GAA, and a .949 save percentage.

The Bruins next game is next Monday at the Florida Panthers.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ducks shut Bruins out 3-0

Another game with not much emotion and physical play equals another loss for the Bruins as they lost 3-0 last night to the Anaheim Ducks. The Bruins home record is now 8-6-3. The Bruins managed to get 45 shots on net as Anaheim has been giving up lots of shots all season long but they were unable to get one behind Jonas Hiller.

Tim Thomas was in goal and made 22 saves on 25 shots. Thomas is now 15-4-3, with a 1.70 GAA, and a .948 save percentage.

The Bruins (38 points in 32 games) remain in second place in the Northeast division behind Montreal (40 points in 33 games).

The Bruins next game is on Thursday against the Atlanta Thrashers in Boston.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bruins survive and beat Capitals

As NESN's Jack Edwards said at the end of the game, the Bruins had a backwards type of game where they started the game strong and ended it bad. If it wasn't for Tim Thomas the Capitals would have won Saturday night's game. But Thomas came up big, making 39 saves on 41 shots and the Bruins won 3-2. The Bruins scored their three goals all in the first period. Patrice Bergeron scored his 6th goal, Andrew Ference scored his 1st goal, and Blake Wheeler scored his 8th goal. The Bruins managed to survive the third period as the Capitals completely outplayed them. The Capitals had 26 shots alone in the third period, that's how bad it was.

Brad Marchand did not finish the game and is day-to-day. Tim Thomas is now 15-3-3, with a 1.65 GAA, and a .951 save percentage. Adam McQuaid got into a good fight against Capitals Matt Bradley. Another decision for McQuaid, who is gaining a reputation around the league as one tough guy.

The Bruins next game is on Monday against the Anaheim Ducks in Boston.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Krejci says what all Bruins fans think of Montreal

Here are some quotes from David Krejci after last night's game against Montreal. All Bruins fans know this and say it whenever we play them, but it's good to hear a player finally say it.

"That's all they do, these little things, for the ref it's hard to see," said Krejci after the Habs' 4-3 win. "These little guys, they just play like that — little elbows and everything, and it's hard for the ref to see. I just didn't like the way they do it, and I didn't like when they do it on me, so that’s what happened."

Krejci looked to land one or two blows, and Cammalleri was seen with a bloody nose afterward.

"I felt like I got him a couple of times pretty good," said Krejci. "You guys like to talk to me about this fight. I did it. I don't know the next time I'll do it again. It just happened."

Bad first period beats Bruins

David Krejci vs Michael Cammalleri
Montreal Canadiens' Michael Cammalleri, top, fights with Boston Bruins' David Krejci (46) during the second period of an NHL hockey game in Montreal, Canada on Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press,Graham Hughes)
Another bad start by the Bruins and another loss because of it. By the end of the first period, it was 3-1 and Montreal was skating around with space and doing whatever they wanted. But before I go into details about the game let me just say that this game tonight, now that was hockey. Not that stuff I watched last night with the Bruins vs the Sabres. This game vs Montreal had everything... passion, trash talking, hitting, scoring, fighting, defense, offense, and great saves by the goalies. That is hockey.

It started off with Shawn Thornton challenging the always talking, smiling, and gloves taped on Maxim Lapierre. 1:04 into the game Michael Cammalleri scored on a penalty shot because of a weak call by the ref. As Mike Milbury said during the first intermission on CBC, you can't even touch them anyone, it's the whimpification of hockey. Later, Maxim Lapierre scored to make it 2-0 Montreal. Later in the period, Blake Wheeler scored his 7th goal of the season to make it 2-1.

Then came P.K. Subban and his huge hit on Brad Marchand. Gregory Campbell came over to Subban and challenged him but it looked as if Subban slew footed Campbell (at least that was the word the commentators said during intermission about what the Bruins thought of that incident). Subban of course kept his gloves on, he must be taking notes from Lapierre. As Mike Milbury and P.J. Stock both said during intermission, I don't know how you can respect both Lapierre or Subban for what they do and not back it up, it must be hard having them as teammates. Montreal made it 3-1 late in the first period.

P.K. Subban does his impression of Rob Blake with his "behind" check on Brad Marchand
In the second period, the Bruins picked up their game and brought energy and emotion. Marc Savard scored his 1st goal since coming back this season on a beautiful redirection tip in from Andrew Ference, to make it 3-2. Later in the period, David Krejci and Cammalleri got into a fight and both looked like they landed a few. After the fight, both had cuts on their foreheads/above the eye area. Cammalleri was bleeding quite a bit that he had to go to the dressing room. I would give that fight a draw. Later, Brian Gionta would score to make it 4-2 Montreal. Even though that was officially David Krejci first NHL fighting major, he did drop the gloves in the 2008-09 season against Rangers Chris Drury, but they only received double minors.

In the third period, Johnny Boychuk layed out Benoit Pouliot with a huge hit as he stepped up and sent Pouliot flying and down to the ice. Milan Lucic scored a power-play goal, his 16th goal of the season as the puck somehow went into the net off of his body as he screened Carey Price. Price, as Ryan Miller did last week when Mark Recchi scored on him, complained to the ref about interference but there was none. The game would end 4-3 Montreal.

In my opinion, even though the Bruins lost, this was possibly the most entertaining game of the season for the Bruins. You could feel the rivalry, it did feel somewhat of a playoff game. It was good to see Tyler Seguin back in the lineup, who recorded an assist in the game.

Tim Thomas played in net and made 37 saves on 41 shots. Thomas is now 14-3-3, with a 1.63 GAA, and a .951 save percentage. Montreal led in shots 41-37 and led in faceoff wins 32-28.

The Bruins next game is on Saturday against the struggling Washington Capitals.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sabres beat Bruins 3-2

I know I'm late on this but here's a quick recap on yesterday's Bruins game against the Buffalo Sabres. The first period ended tied 1-1, with David Krejci scoring his 5th goal of the season. In the third period, Michael Ryder scored his 9th goal of the season to give the Bruins the 2-1 lead. Then Drew Stafford finished his hat trick scoring twice in the third period to give the 3-2 lead to the Sabres. The game ended 3-2 and with some bad blood. Goalie Ryan Miller was upset that Zdeno Chara was trying to screen him so he gave Chara a shot, so Chara responded with a push. Then things broke out as Chara tried protecting himself from at least three different players throwing gloved punches and whatever they could at Chara. Players started pairing off but no fists went flying. Marc Savard even came to the rescue tackling someone down to the ice.

To me the game seemed very similar to last week's game against the Sabres where the game seemed slow and not much energy and passion was in the game, until the very end that is.

Tuukka Rask again gets no offensive support and falls to 2-7-1, with a 2.57 GAA, and a .927 save percentage.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flyers beat Bruins in overtime

Yesterday the Bruins came back in the third period with a goal from Nathan Horton (his 11th goal of the season) against the Flyers which tied the game 1-1. The game would go into overtime where Flyers captain Mike Richards would score with three seconds left in the overtime period to give the Flyers the two points.

Adam McQuaid was hit/pushed from behind on an icing play by enforcer Jody Shelley, which got Shelley a 5-minute major and game misconduct. Expect him to be suspended by the NHL. McQuaid returned a few minutes later and was able to finish the game. Luckily he seems ok from the hit. What is it with the Flyers and making cheap hits against Bruins players on the boards, such as Randy Jones on Patrice Bergeron and Scott Hartnell on Andrew Alberts and now Shelley on McQuaid?

Tim Thomas made 31 saves on 33 shots and is now 14-2-3, with a 1.51 GAA, and a .954 save percentage.

The Bruins led the game in shots 36-33, and in faceoff wins 36-26.

The Bruins next game is on Wednesday at the Buffalo Sabres.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marco Sturm officially traded to Kings

NESN is reporting that the Bruins have traded forward Marco Sturm to the Los Angeles Kings for future considerations, pending a physical. (source:

Friday, December 10, 2010

Bruins beat Islanders 5-2

Last night the Bruins beat the New York Islanders by the score 5-2 but it was a much closer game than what the score says. In the first period, Milan Lucic scored a power-play goal, his 14th of the season. In the second period, the Bruins let up and the Islanders came back into the game. Rookie Brad Marchand scored a short-handed goal off a Rick DiPietro turnover, his 4th goal of the season. In the third period, Michael Ryder scored a power-play goal, his 8th goal of the season to make it 3-1 Bruins. The Islanders made it 3-2 but then the Bruins scored two empty net goals to finish the game, with Lucic (his 15th goal of the season) and Patrice Bergeron (his 5th goal of the season) getting the freebies.

Tuukka Rask played in net for the Bruins and made 33 saves on 35 shots. Rask is now 2-6-1, with a 2.51 GAA, and a .928 save percentage.

The Bruins and Islanders both had 35 shots on goal apiece. The Bruins led the game in faceoff wins 37-25.

The Bruins next game is on Saturday against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bruins make 2 minor trades

Today the Bruins made two minor trades that will only affect the Providence Bruins lineup. The Bruins traded center Levi Nelson to the Tampa Bay Lightning for winger Juraj Simek. In the second trade, the Bruins traded left wing Jeff LoVecchio and right wing Jordan Knackstedt to the Florida Panthers for defenseman Sean Zimmerman and a conditional 2011 seventh-round pick.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mark Stuart out for 4-6 weeks

Today Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli issued the following statement on defenseman Mark Stuart, who will be out of the Bruins lineup for 4-6 weeks after being injured in yesterday's game against the Buffalo Sabres.

Mark sustained a fracture to the 4th metacarpal of his right hand (ring finger) and dislocated his 4th metacarpal phlangeal joint. He was evaluated by Dr. Matt Leibman at Newton-Wellesley Hospital and is expected to miss approximately 4-6 weeks.

Bruins recall Steven Kampfer

Today the Bruins have announced that they've recalled defenseman Steven Kampfer from Providence (AHL) on an emergency basis (source). So if Mark Stuart can't play on Thursday against the New York Islanders look for Kampfer to make his NHL debut.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thomas again saves Bruins and win in overtime

Mark Recchi tips the puck into the net past Ryan Miller to win the game in overtime
Boston Bruins right wing Mark Recchi, left, tips the puck past Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller, right, to score the game-winning goal during overtime of an NHL hockey game in Boston, Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2010. The Bruins beat the Sabres 3-2.(AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Tonight was a weird night with a few weird goals. The Sabres came out strong controlling most of the play in the first period and keeping the Bruins in their defensive zone. The Bruins did manage to score first with Milan Lucic scoring his 13th goal of the season. Lucic somehow managed to get the puck in the net short side on Miller and it barely crossed the goal line for a goal. Not too long after the goal, ex-Bruin Steve Montador went after Johnny Boychuk for a hit he layed on Jason Pominville (who came back from a concussion not too long ago) and they dropped the gloves. Montador did his usual wrestling tie up move while Boychuk tried to get free to swing away, and eventually Boychuk was able to get in some good uppercuts on Montador. If you're Montador, I know you want to stick up for your teammate, but why drop the gloves and wrestle and not throw punches? Wrestling with someone's jersey I don't think will inspire your teammates.

In the second period, the Sabres came back to tie it up 1-1 with Luke Adam scoring his 1st NHL goal. Doesn't it seem that lots of players score their 1st NHL goal against the Bruins or is it just me?

In the third period, Bruins killer Thomas Vanek scored from behind the net as he threw the puck at the net and it somehow bounced in between Thomas' armpit area, another weird goal. Later in the third period, Christmas came early for Nathan Horton as Mike Weber personally gift wrapped and sent a puck right on the tape of Horton's stick in front of Ryan Miller and Horton fired it into the net to tie the game, his 10th goal of the season.

The game went into overtime. 1:46 into OT Marc Savard was high sticked and Sabres Luke Adam got a double minor high-sticking penalty. During the power-play Dennis Seidenberg took a shot from the point and Mark Recchi tipped it into the net. Everyone heard the ding as it happened quickly but the referee didn't call it a goal. When play finally stopped they reviewed it and they deemed it a goal as the puck was definitely tipped into the net by Recchi. That was Recchi's 6th goal of the season.

Tim Thomas was again the Bruins best player tonight. He made another highlight save, this time robbing Thomas Vanek point blank. Thomas is now 14-2-2, with a 1.49 GAA, and a .955 save percentage. The Bruins led the game in shots 36-30. The Bruins also led in faceoff wins 31-25.

The Bruins next game is on Thursday against the struggling New York Islanders.

Some notes about tonight's game:
-The Bruins had another slow start despite scoring first.

-The Bruins hitting game wasn't there for much of the game. The game seemed slow and uneventful to me until overtime kicked in.

-Johnny Boychuk's fight was the first fight for him this season.

-Defenseman Mark Stuart didn't come back to the game after the first period. After the game, Claude Julien said that Stuart suffered an upper body injury and will be re-evaluated tomorrow.

-Tonight's game was Dennis Seidenberg's 400th career NHL game.

-Sabres goalie Ryan Miller complained to the referees about the overtime winner, as he thought Mark Recchi interfered with him somehow even though no one else saw it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jordan Caron sent to Providence

On Monday the Bruins assigned rookie Jordan Caron to Providence (AHL). Caron played in 20 games, scoring 3 goals, 4 assists, 7 points, +4, 6 PIMs, 1 game winning goal, and had 27 shots on net. Caron was a healthy scratch for the last two games. Look for Daniel Paille to take his spot in the lineup. Is this just a temporary thing, for Caron to get big minutes down in Providence as a top 6 player rather than being on the 4th line with the Bruins? Maybe it's showcasing whatever you can of Paille for some kind of trade? We'll see what happens next with the Bruins.

Tomorrow the Bruins play the Buffalo Sabres. It should be a good one. The Bruins have got to be ready for the Sabres as they've been playing well their last few games.

HNIC interview with Marc Savard

Before Saturday's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Elliotte Friedman of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada sat down with Marc Savard and asked him a few questions. It's a good interview, check it out below.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Kessel finally hurts Bruins

The Bruins had another slow start despite scoring first in Saturday's game against the Toronto Maple Leafs and it seemed to continue throughout the game. They didn't appear to be as fast as they looked on Thursday against the Lightning. In the first period, Nathan Horton scored his 9th goal of the season to give the Bruins the lead, but later Toronto tied it up in the period. In the third period, Gregory Campbell scored his 3rd goal of the season to give the Bruins the 2-1 lead and Tim Thomas made the save of the season robbing Francois Beauchemin of a goal. With forty-two seconds left in the third period, Kris Versteeg scored on the power-play to tie the game 2-2 and send it into overtime.

The game went to a shootout where Kadri scored on a beautiful backhander, Seguin scored on a beautiful backhander as well, then Phil Kessel finally got to the Bruins has he scored a goal as Thomas made the save but his momentum made him slide back into the net. Crap goal but it counted. Michael Ryder then hit the post to end it. I still can't figure out why Ryder was chosen to go then. Remember the last time he had a shootout try he also hit the post which ended the shootout. I would have rather wanted Patrice Bergeron or Nathan Horton taking that next opportunity instead of Ryder. I personally thought that the Bruins needed to pick up their hitting game as it seemed the Leafs were running around hitting every Bruin they could.

Tim Thomas made 38 saves on 40 shots. He is now 13-2-2 this season, with a 1.46 GAA, and a .956 save percentage. The Bruins were out-shot 40-27. Faceoffs were even at 27-27 apiece. The Bruins power-play looked awful as they could barely set up in the offensive zone, going 0 for 2. Props to Shawn Thornton for taking on the bigger but younger Jay Rosehill in the first period as Rosehill was running around laying out Adam McQuaid and Gregory Campbell with big hits. Thornton gave Rosehill some red marks on his face, decision to Thornton in that one, I'll post it in the videos section soon.

The Bruins next game is on Tuesday against the hot Buffalo Sabres, in Boston at 7:30pm EST.

One of the best saves of the season: Tim Thomas robbing Francois Beauchemin

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bruins offense explodes against Lightning

Tim Thomas gives Martin St. Louis a facewash with his glove
Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, left, covers the face of Tampa Bay Lightning right wing Martin St. Louis, right, after making a save during the first period of their NHL hockey game in Boston, Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
After the big 3-0 win against the Philadelphia Flyers last night, the Bruins carried the momentum into tonight's game against the Tampa Bay Lightning and with the return of Marc Savard the Bruins beat the Lightning 8-1. Savard had 15:45 of ice time, with 0 points and 1 shot on goal. After the game Savard said, "It was great to be back. The fans were fantastic. I got a little emotional there. It was kind of tough to go out on that [first] shift." (source:

In the first period, David Krejci opened the scoring up, scoring his 3rd goal of the season. Later in the first period, Dennis Seidenberg got his 1st goal of the season as he shot the puck on net from the blue line as he reached it, Lightning goalie Mike Smith anticipated that he would just throw it around the boards and got caught cheating.

In the second period, Milan Lucic scored his team-leading 12th goal. Later in the second period, Shawn Thornton scored his 5th goal of the season off another mistake by goalie Mike Smith, as Smith and a Lightning defenseman weren't too sure what to do with the puck as it was loose in front of the net and Thornton came in hard and jammed it in the net.

In the third period, David Krejci scored just 34 seconds into the period, his 4th goal of the season. Also in the third period, Michael Ryder scored his 7th goal of the season, Mark Recchi scored his 5th goal of the season, a power-play goal. And Blake Wheeler finished the scoring, by getting his 6th goal of the season.

Tim Thomas got the win, making 37 saves on 38 shots. Thomas is now 13-2-1, with a 1.44 GAA, and a .956 save percentage.

The Bruins were outshot 38-32 in the game and led in faceoff wins 34-27.

The Bruins next game is on Saturday at the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Chiarelli statement about Marco Sturm

Well it seems Marco Sturm is still a member of the Boston Bruins and he may not be getting traded to LA. Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli released the below statement:

"I am aware of the various media reports today regarding Marco Sturm. I can confirm that I spoke to Marco about waiving his no trade clause and have had discussions regarding Marco with other teams. I can also confirm that there is no trade in place with Marco. At this time, Marco is a member of the Boston Bruins and will continue to train with our team."

So either this means that there was never a trade in place or there was one but it fell apart, maybe Sturm failed some kind of test. Who knows, the trade may happen tomorrow. I'll let you know if I hear anything else about this.

Report: Marco Sturm traded to LA Kings

TSN is reporting that the Bruins have traded forward Marco Sturm to the Los Angeles Kings for a conditional draft pick.

Sturm, 32, agreed to the deal by waiving his no-trade clause. He has not played this year after having off-season ACL and MCL knee surgery, but returned to practice with the Bruins this week. He is currently two-to-three weeks away from returning to game action.

Sturm is an unrestricted free agent at end of this season, and carries a cap hit of $3.5 million.

The winger returns to California, where he began his career with the San Jose Sharks and played his first seven seasons before being dealt to Boston as part of the Joe Thornton trade in 2005.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bruins Bear Respect the Jersey video

The Bruins Bear has a new Bruins Rules commercial, respect the jersey. Good to see Terry O'Reilly in the video.

Bruins trade Matt Hunwick to Colorado

I didn't expect this, especially since yesterday's game Matt Hunwick got the team going with a fight, but Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli needs to get cap room and Matt Hunwick is the first to go. The Bruins have traded Matt Hunwick to the Colorado Avalanche for defenseman Colby Cohen (source). Cohen will be sent to Providence (AHL). This is definitely a salary dump, the first of a few probably, to make room for Marc Savard and Marco Sturm. The best of luck to Matt Hunwick in Colorado. Who will be next?

Adam McQuaid should now be a regular on defense as the Hunwick trade opens up a spot. McQuaid has played pretty good when he had the chance so this shouldn't be much of a loss as Hunwick has been struggling this season. McQuaid brings more toughness, but we do lose speed and a little scoring with Hunwick leaving.

Some info about Cohen:

The 21-year-old Cohen made his NHL debut earlier this season for the Avalanche on November 6 and has skated in three games for the Avs this year. He also registered one goal and 12 penalty minutes in 14 games for Colorado’s minor league affiliate in Lake Erie this season. 2010-11 marks Cohen’s first full professional season after playing three games for Lake Erie at the end of last year.

Cohen skated at Boston University for three seasons from 2007-10 and helped lead the Terriers to the NCAA National Championship in 2009. For his career at BU, the 6’2’’, 200-pound blueliner recorded 25-53=78 totals in 118 games.

A native of Villanova, Pennsylvania, Cohen was originally drafted by the Avalanche in the second round (45th overall) of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

Update: I read that this trade frees up enough cap space to bring back Marc Savard, which there is speculation will return on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Thrashers strong start puts Bruins away

The Atlanta Thrashers came out flying in the first period yesterday against the Bruins and put the Bruins down 3-0 after the first period. The game eventually ended 4-1 as the Bruins couldn't make a comeback. The Bruins picked up their play in the second period after Matt Hunwick got into a fight with Evander Kane, the guy who KO'd Matt Cooke last season. Kane definitely won the fight, as he gave Hunwick a cut above his left eye, but it was good to see Hunwick do this and he threw some good punches himself. Shawn Thornton also had a good fight with Eric Boulton. Also in the second period, Blake Wheeler scored the only Bruin goal, his 5th goal of the season.

Tuukka Rask again gets no support and gets the loss in this one, making 22 saves on 26 shots. Rask is now 1-6-1, with a 2.59 GAA, and a .926 save percentage.

This was rookie Jamie Arniel's first NHL game. He played good, he had one real good scoring chance that Pavelec saved. Today Arniel was sent back to Providence (AHL).

The Bruins led the game in shots 41-26. The Thrashers were better in faceoffs, going 32-29.

The Bruins next game is on Wednesday at the Philadelphia Flyers. It will be the first meeting between the Bruins and Flyers since the Bruins choking in last years playoffs.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hurricanes power-play kills Bruins

The annual game after Thanksgiving for the Bruins this season was yesterday where the Bruins faced the Carolina Hurricanes. The Bruins had a good start but didn't manage to put any goals on the board. From there it only got worse for the Bruins as they couldn't put any pucks past goalie Cam Ward and Carolina capitalized on all three power-plays they had to put the Bruins away 3-0.

Tim Thomas was in net for the Bruins, making 18 saves on 21 shots. Thomas is now 11-2-1, with a 1.56 GAA, and a .951 save percentage.

The Bruins next game is tomorrow at the Atlanta Thrashers. Jordan Caron and David Krejci will not make the trip to Atlanta because they both will be out with the flu. The Bruins have recalled Jamie Arniel from Providence (AHL) on an emergency basis.

The Bruins are still in 2nd place in the division with 26 points (21 games), only behind Montreal (29 points in 23 games). With this loss the Bruins home record goes to 4-5-2.

Some statistical season notes so far:
Milan Lucic leads the Bruins with 10 goals.

Mark Recchi leads the Bruins with 11 assists.

Nathan Horton and Lucic lead the Bruins with 18 points each.

Andrew Ference leads the Bruins in plus/minus with +12. Michael Ryder has the worst plus/minus with a -5 rating.

Gregory Campbell leads the Bruins in PIMs with 35.

Horton and Ryder lead the Bruins with 3 power-play goals each.

Brad Marchand leads the Bruins with 2 shorthanded goals.

Lucic leads the Bruins with 3 game winning goals.

Zdeno Chara leads the Bruins with 66 shots on net.

Lucic leads the Bruins with a 23.3 shooting percentage.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bruins wake up in 3rd period and win

Zdeno Chara and Mark Recchi celebrate Recchi's 2nd goal of the game, his 1,500 career NHL point
SUNRISE, FL - NOVEMBER 24: Mark Recchi #28 is congratulated by Zdeno Chara #33 of the Boston Bruins after he scored the third goal of the game against the Florida Panthers on November 24, 2010 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
In the first two periods tonight the Bruins looked out of it, they looked like they had no energy, and they didn't do much at all but let the Panthers control most of the play. Luckily it was only 1-0 Panthers after two periods. In the third period, the Bruins woke up right away. Eight seconds into the third period, Brad Marchand scored a shorthanded goal (his 3rd goal of the season) after goalie Tomas Vokoun misplayed a puck. Coach Julien switched up the lines a little bit, making lines with: Horton-Bergeron-Lucic, Ryder-Krejci-Wheeler, Recchi-Campbell-Caron, and Marchand-Seguin-Thornton. Veteran Mark Recchi stole the show. Almost three minutes after the Marchand goal, Recchi scored on a quick one-timer from a sweet pass from David Krejci behind the Panthers net. Later, Recchi scored a power-play goal with 4 minutes left in the period, which was the 1,500th point of his NHL career. Congrats go to Mark Recchi on that achievement. Recchi finished the night with two goals (his 3rd and 4th goals of the season). Krejci finished the night with two assists.

Tim Thomas started the game and made 31 saves on 32 shots. Thomas is now 11-1-1, with a 1.46 GAA, and a .955 save percentage. The Bruins out-shot the Panthers 37-32. The Panthers were better in the faceoff circle going 33-30.

The Bruins are now 12-6-2, with 26 points (in 20 games), which is 2nd place in the NorthEast division, behind Montreal (29 points in 22 games). The Bruins road record improves to 8-2-0.

The Bruins next game is on Friday at noon EST against the Carolina Hurricanes.

Some notes from the game:
-Again congrats to Mark Recchi on 1,500 points in his NHL career.

-Another slow start for the Bruins, they need to stop these kind of starts. If they do this against good teams they won't be able to come back like they did tonight.

-Milan Lucic needs to start hitting again. I don't remember seeing him hit anyone tonight. In fact the whole team needs to follow Mark Stuart in the hitting department, as he had one of the few hits I can really remember from the game.

-Tim Thomas again saved the Bruins butts making some nice saves to keep them in the game early.

-Near the end of the game Brad Marchand got hit from behind into the boards by Dmitry Kulikov. Marchand looked shaken up on the hit, hopefully he is ok. It was a really bad hit. It looked like Kulikov only got 2 minutes for it because Marchand got up after a minute.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bruins Statement Regarding Marc Savard

Today Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli released this statement regarding injured forward Marc Savard:

"Today Marc passed the tests administered by Dr. Micky Collins from the Sports Medicine department at UPMC, and is now cleared for contact. Marc will rejoin the team tomorrow for morning skate in Florida. There is no time-table at this time for Marc to start playing games."

Bruins now on 2-game losing streak

The Bruins have now been beaten in their last two games. On Saturday they lost in a shootout against the Los Angeles Kings by the score 4-3. Monday night the Bruins were beaten by the Tampa Bay Lightning by the score 3-1.

In the game vs the Kings, the Bruins were down 3-0 and came back in the second and third periods to tie it up and send it into overtime. In Monday's game against the Lightning, the Bruins were outplayed in the first two periods but couldn't score enough in the third period to make a comeback.

Tim Thomas played in net against the Kings, making 23 saves on 26 shots. Thomas is now 10-1-1, with a 1.49 GAA, and a .954 save percentage. Blake Wheeler scored his 4th goal of the season, Gregory Campbell scored his 2nd goal of the season, and Patrice Bergeron scored his 3rd goal of the season in this game. The Bruins finally dominated a game in the faceoff circle going 43-25. The Bruins also led in shots 41-26.

Tuukka Rask played in net against the Lightning, making 33 saves on 36 shots. Rask is now 1-5-1, with a 2.36 GAA, and a .935 save percentage. Michael Ryder scored the only Bruins goal in this game, 6th goal of the season. The Lightning were better in the faceoff circle, going 27-21 and also led in shots 36-27. Zdeno Chara and Andrew Ference were both a -2, while Mark Stuart was the only plus player for the Bruins at a +1. Tyler Seguin played wing again and had 4 shots on net and a -1. Chara looked a little lost out there at times, because of the speed of the Lightning players. Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic both had 0 shots on net. Lucic had a good scoring chance at the end of the second period where he shot it wide of the net at the buzzer. Bergeron led the Bruins in shots with 5.

Another game with Randy Jones in it that I was hoping for someone to beat his face in, even though I knew nobody would do it because they don't want to jeopardize the game and the 2 points. I also wonder if Bergeron would ever challenge Jones to a fight and if Jones would accept.

The Bruins next game is on Wednesday at Florida against the Panthers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Lucic hat trick puts Panthers down

The hats rain down on the ice after Milan Lucic's hat trick goal
BOSTON - NOVEMBER 18: Milan Lucic #17 of the Boston Bruins is showered with hats after his hat trick in the third period against the Florida Panthers as teammate Nathan Horton #18 stands by on November 18, 2010 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Bruins defeated the Florida Panthers 4-0. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Bruins Milan Lucic is playing some great hockey right now. After an ok first period by the Bruins, a not so good second period by the Bruins, the Bruins came to life in the third period, led by Bruins power forward Milan Lucic. Lucic scored in the first period to give the Bruins the lead and then exploded in the third period with two quick goals (getting his 8th, 9th, and 10th goals of the season). His first two goals were hard perfectly placed wrist shots that beat Panthers goalie Tomas Vokoun, while his third was a "garbage" type of goal as he knocked in the puck after Patrice Bergeron tried to pass it to Nathan Horton and Vokoun couldn't get to it in time. This was Lucic's second career hat trick, his first was against the Atlanta Thrashers back in 2008.

Also in the first period, Shawn Thornton had a real good fight with Panthers Darcy Hordichuk. They both exchanged wild punches and at the end both were showing the aftermath of the fight. Thornton had a bloody nose while Hordichuk had a nasty bruise and cut under his left eye, see the picture below and watch the fight below too. This fight was definitely the Bruins fight of the year so far. In the third period, Thornton scored his 4th goal of the season with a backhander that deflected off of two Panthers players. Good for him.

Tuukka Rask started in net, and made 41 saves to get his first win and first shutout of the season. Rask is now 1-4-1, with a 2.24 GAA, and a .939 save percentage.

The Bruins next host the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. It should be a good one.

Thornton gave Hordichuk a bruise and a cut under his left eye
BOSTON - NOVEMBER 18: Shawn Thornton #22 of the Boston Bruins is pulled away from Darcy Hordichuk #16 of the Florida Panther by linesman Steve Miller #89 on November 18, 2010 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bruins shutout struggling Devils 3-0

Andrew Ference congratulates Tim Thomas on his shutout against the Devils
Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, left, is congratulated by teammate Andrew Ference after his shutout against the New Jersey Devils in an NHL hockey game in Boston, Monday, Nov. 15, 2010. The Bruins beat the Devils 3-0. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Michael Ryder scored a power-play goal in the first period (his 5th goal), Nathan Horton scored at the start of the second period (his 8th goal), and Blake Wheeler scored at the start of the third period (his 3rd goal). That would be all of the goal scoring.

The Bruins controlled the first and second periods, but the Devils outplayed the Bruins in the third period, as it seemed the Bruins sat back and made mistake after mistake and not being able to make solid breakout plays. In the faceoff circle, both teams won 23 faceoffs apiece. The Devils had the advantage in shots 28-24.

Tim Thomas got the start in net and got his 9th win this season, and his 4th shutout already this season, stopping all 28 shots he faced. Thomas is now 9-1-0, with a 1.31 GAA and a .960 save percentage.

The Bruins are still undefeated when scoring first in games. The Bruins next play on Wednesday at the New York Rangers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Colin Campbell emails exposed

If you haven't heard yet about the emails that Colin Campbell sent a few years ago that were exposed on (cached link because the site appears down now), where he says a few things about a player he didn't like, which all evidence points to Marc Savard. Which then makes you wonder or makes you realize the real reason that Matt Cooke didn't get suspended for his cheapshot hit. PuckDaddy has a good article about this whole thing, check it out. There's even quotes from Campbell's emails where he does not like the penalties given to his son Gregory Campbell to then-director of officiating Stephen Walkom. I wonder how long before he is fired? Or will he even be fired? I'm going to assume he won't be.

Bruins will regroup on Monday

Chris Neil vs Zdeno Chara
Ottawa Senators' Chris Neil (25) and Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara (33), of Slovakia, fight in the first period of an NHL hockey game, Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010, in Boston. (AP Photo/ Michael Dwyer)
With the Bruins bad game against the Ottawa Senators on Saturday, the Bruins will be looking for a better effort and start on Monday against the struggling New Jersey Devils. Do not take the Devils lightly though, they are slowly improving.

Tim Thomas recorded his first loss of the season on Saturday, making 31 saves on 33 shots. Thomas is now 8-1-0, with a 1.45 GAA, and a .957 save percentage. I don't know about you but Saturday's game reminded me of last season when the Bruins had trouble scoring and were making defensive mistakes. Anyone else think the Bruins aren't hitting enough either? To me it seems they make a few hits but then stop. They need to be more physical throughout the game. Maybe it's fatigue? Who knows I guess.

The Bruins have another busy week this week, playing 4 games in 6 days. The Bruins play the Devils on Monday, at the Rangers on Wednesday, the Panthers on Thursday, and the Kings on Saturday.

The Bruins are currently 3rd place (17 points) in the division behind Montreal (23 points) and Ottawa (19 points). The Bruins have 3 games in hand on both Montreal and Ottawa though.

Here are some telling statistics about the Bruins so far this season. The Bruins are 27th in the league in faceoff winning percentage at 47.9, only ahead of the Rangers, Oilers, and Hurricanes. The Bruins are also 27th in the league in shots allowed per game with 34.4, only ahead of the Coyotes, Thrashers, and Ducks. They need to improve in both of these areas. The Bruins home record is 2-4-1. That definitely needs to change. The Bruins road record is 6-1-0.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bruins Bear responds to woman kicking hole in column

The girl who kicked the hole in the column
After Saturday night's game against the St. Louis Blues, a woman, who looks like a teenager, kicked a hole in a column in the women's bathroom and a friend or whoever she was with, recorded it and posted it online. Well first off, posting it online is stupid because if you're found out you may face some kind of charges or have to pay for damages. Secondly, you pissed the Bear off and he has a message for everyone. Video of the girl kicking the hole is here. Watch the Bruins Bear response video below.

Bruins lose 3-1 to Montreal

Adam McQuaid knocking Travis Moen to the ice
Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid, top, drops Montreal Canadiens left wing Travis Moen to the ice during the first period of an NHL hockey game in Boston, Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)
Carey Price once again showed he can play really good against the Bruins during the regular season, stopping 34 of 35 shots on him, and beating the Bruins 3-1. Tuukka Rask again couldn't get enough goal support, making 38 saves on 41 shots himself. Rask is now 0-4-1, with a 2.75 GAA and a .923 save percentage.

Zdeno Chara scored in the first period which turned out to be the only Bruins goal, his 4th goal of the season. The second period had some really bad officiating which even had NESN broadcaster Jack Edwards and color commentator Andy Brickley shaking their head and questioning things. In the third period, the Bruins looked tired and Montreal took advantage, scoring two goals.

The Bruins got the day off today and will play the Ottawa Senators tomorrow in Boston at 7pm EST. I'm hoping Shawn Thornton takes care of Chris Neil for his actions in their last meeting.

Tyler Seguin now a Dunkin' Donuts spokesperson

Tyler Seguin at a Dunkin' Donuts in Wilmington, MA on Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Tyler Seguin at a Dunkin' Donuts in Wilmington, MA on Tuesday, November 9, 2010
On Thursday Dunkin' Donuts announced that it has signed Bruins rookie Tyler Seguin as a company spokesperson. As part of the deal, Seguin will play a starring role in "Caught Cold," Dunkin' Donuts' new season-long iced coffee marketing initiative. I was sent this press release about it, read below. I have to say I love Dunkin' Donuts ice coffee myself. Maybe you'll be one who gets to see Seguin at a Dunkin' Donuts. if you do, leave a comment here and tell us.

Dunkin' Donuts Secures Boston Bruins Rookie Sensation Tyler Seguin as Company Spokesperson

Longtime Bruins Sponsor Taps Highly Touted Forward to Play Feature Role in Dunkin' Donuts "Caught Cold" Campaign


CANTON, Mass. (November 11, 2010) – Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s favorite every day, all-day stop for coffee and baked goods, today announced that it has signed Boston Bruins rookie phenomenon Tyler Seguin as a company spokesperson. As part of the deal, Seguin will play a starring role in “Caught Cold,” Dunkin’ Donuts’ new season-long iced coffee marketing initiative.

"Caught Cold" rewards New England consumers who are "caught" drinking Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee. Every Tuesday throughout the 2010-11 NHL season, the Bruins street team will traverse the region on a mission to find and instantly reward customers spotted drinking Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee with two tickets to an upcoming Bruins home game at the TD Garden. Dunkin' Donuts will give away more than 400 Bruins tickets, team gear and Dunkin' Donuts gift cards through the program.

The highly touted Seguin, who was selected as the second overall pick by the Bruins in the 2010-11 NHL draft, will be featured in "Caught Cold" television and radio commercials and participate in promotional appearances that drive consumer awareness of the program. Dunkin' Donuts has been a proud sponsor of the Boston Bruins for more than 20 years.

"It doesn't get any bigger than Dunkin' Donuts in Boston. They're an institution and I'm honored to work with them. It's even become part of my pre-game ritual. I drink a Dunkin' coffee before every game," said Boston Bruins forward Tyler Seguin. "Dunkin' Donuts' commitment to the community and their customers was very appealing to me, and I'm looking forward to giving Dunkin' and Bruins fans the opportunity to see me and my teammates at TD Garden through 'Caught Cold.'"

The new partnership is a fitting one for Dunkin’ Donuts, which has long been a supporter of countless youth sports and charity initiatives within the communities it serves. In 2001, Dunkin' Donuts launched the highly acclaimed Dunkin' Donuts "KidZone," a special seating section at TD Garden in which Dunkin' Donuts hosts children from charitable organizations at every Bruins and Celtics home game. Dunkin' Donuts has provided thousands of tickets to children throughout New England who might not otherwise have access to area sporting events.

"We're excited to have a rising young star like Tyler represent our brand," said Tom Manchester, Dunkin' Donuts director of sports marketing. "We've had a great, long-term partnership with the Bruins, and Tyler will be a great addition to that relationship, and play a significant role in helping us reward our loyal customers with the opportunity to experience Boston Bruins hockey through the 'Caught Cold' campaign."

Dunkin' Donuts recently announced that Boston Celtics All-Star guard Ray Allen will serve as a spokesperson and be fully integrated into “Caught Cold.” The company also recently unveiled its sponsorship renewal agreement with the 17-time World Champion Boston Celtics. The three-year extension, which will focus on community and promotional initiatives, will run through the 2012-13 NBA season.


About Dunkin' Donuts
Founded in 1950, Dunkin' Donuts is America's favorite every day, all-day stop for coffee and baked goods. Dunkin' Donuts is a market leader in the regular/decaf coffee, iced coffee, hot flavored coffee, donut, bagel and muffin categories, and the largest coffee and baked goods chain in the world. Dunkin' Donuts has earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys for four years running. The company has more than 9,000 restaurants in 31 countries worldwide. In 2009, Dunkin' Donuts' global system-wide sales totaled $5.7 billion. Based in Canton, Massachusetts, Dunkin' Donuts is a subsidiary of Dunkin' Brands, Inc. For more information, visit

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bruins come back and beat Penguins

Shawn Thornton celebrates his goal
Boston Bruins' Shawn Thornton (22) celebrates his third-period goal with Matt Hudwick, left, Gregory Campbell, second from left, and Adam McQuaid (54) during an NHL hockey game against the Pittsburgh Penguins in Pittsburgh on Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010. The Bruins won 7-4. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)
Last night's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins started bad for the Bruins who were definitely outplayed in the first period but managed to escape the first period with the score at 2-2. Mark Recchi scored his 1st goal of the season, a power-play goal. Brad Marchand scored his 2nd goal of the season.

In the second period Pittsburgh outplayed the Bruins again and that period ended with the Penguins leading 4-2. Kunitz and Crosby scoring for the Penguins.

In the third period though it was all Bruins. They scored five unanswered goals in the third as the Penguins fell apart. Goals by Nathan Horton (7th goal), Zdeno Chara (3rd goal), Shawn Thornton (3rd goal and the game winner), Blake Wheeler (2nd goal), and Milan Lucic (6th goal, empty net goal) put the game away.

Tim Thomas made 42 saves on 46 shots, staying undefeated this season now at 8-0-0, with a 1.39 GAA and a .959 save percentage.

Tonight the Bruins are playing the Montreal Canadiens in Boston. It should be a good game as Montreal is 2 points ahead of the Bruins in the division, but the Bruins have 3 games in hand.

Side note: Today Montreal traded purse stealer Ryan O'Byrne to Colorado.

The Bruins sent forward Jamie Arniel back to Providence (AHL).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bruins recall Jamie Arniel

Michael Ryder left today's practice with an undisclosed ailment. The Bruins have recalled forward Jamie Arniel on an emergency basis. In Providence (AHL), Arniel has 6 goals and 3 assists in 12 games this season. So if Ryder can't play tomorrow vs the Penguins look for Arniel to play in his first NHL game.

McGrattan clears waivers

Forward Brian McGrattan has cleared waivers with no one picking him up so he will be sent to Providence (AHL).

The Bruins play tomorrow at Pittsburgh. It should be a good game. Everyone needs to make sure they know when Matt Cooke is on the ice. I don't think anyone will go after Matt Cooke, for what happened last season with Marc Savard, but if he starts his crap someone needs to put him in his place. Hopefully Marc-Andre Fleury starts in net for the Penguins as he has struggled this season badly. Brent Johnson is playing much better right now. Kind of sounds like the Bruins goalies last season.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Brian McGrattan put on waivers

Today the Bruins put tough guy forward Brian McGrattan on waivers for the purpose of assignment to Providence (AHL). If he goes unclaimed he will be sent to Providence (AHL). This is what Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli had to say about the move:

"I felt it was time for him to go down there," said Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli. "Frankly, it [McGrattan's toughness] was something I thought we might have needed to start the year. I'm not saying we still won't need him. I spoke with him and there's a good chance he'll be back, but it was time to put him down and get him off the cap for one thing. We'll see where it goes from there."

I'm hoping that no team picks McGrattan up, but I'm also not expecting any team to pick him up off waivers. Taking a look at teams around the league, some teams could use some muscle such as the Buffalo Sabres, Calgary Flames (they lost Ivanans early in the season to a concussion and McGrattan played there last season but Tim Jackman is filling that void nicely), Carolina Hurricanes (they always need toughness but never get anyone), LA Kings (they're doing the "team toughness" thing the Bruins tried a few seasons ago), Montreal Canadiens, New Jersey Devils (can't, no cap room), and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Krejci diagnosed with a concussion

Bad news for David Krejci, as he has been diagnosed with a concussion. Krejci will be out for at least a week, and he will continue to be evaluated by the Bruins medical team. It is said to not be a bad concussion, but a concussion is a concussion. I believe this is Krejci's second concussion, as his first was from his first NHL game when then Sabres Adam Mair nailed him with a late cheap hit. Look for Daniel Paille to get into the lineup this week.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bruins come back but lose in shootout

Bruins Mark Stuart skating off the ice
Boston Bruins defenseman Mark Stuart skates off the ice as St. Louis Blues celebrate their 2-1 shootout win in a NHL hockey game in Boston Saturday, Nov. 6, 2010. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
The St. Louis Blues gave the Bruins a tough night and it wasn't until the third period that the Bruins could get one by goalie Jaroslav Halak. Old friend Vladimir Sobotka scored in the first period to give the Blues the lead.

In the second period, things got more physical as there were two fights. First Andrew Ference instigated a fight with David Backes after Backes laid out Mark Recchi with a big clean hit. It was a good fight as Ference handled himself well against a bigger opponent. Later on in the second period, Mark Stuart stepped up and laid out Jay McClement and B.J. Crombeen challenged Stuart and they had an ok fight too. Crombeen didn't get the instigating penalty as Ference did earlier which was a little surprising.

Finally in the third period the Bruins were able to get one by Halak as Gregory Campbell scored his first goal as a Bruin.

The game went into overtime and although no scoring happened in overtime, the big story may be David Krejci getting nailed into the boards by T.J. Oshie hard. Krejci stayed down and they stopped play as the Bruins trainer went to check on him. There was some blood on the ice. Hopefully it was just a bloody nose or a broken nose, but on the replay it did look like Krejci may have reached for his shoulder but I could be wrong. Hopefully it's not a shoulder or head injury and just his nose that was hurt from the hit.

The game then went to a shootout. T.J. Oshie scored, then Tyler Seguin scored a beautiful goal deking Halak and scoring on a backhander. Ex-Bruin Brad Boyes scored the winner as Michael Ryder didn't score on his chance, he actually hit the post, as many Bruins hit the posts during the game. So the Bruins lose 2-1 in the shootout tonight.

Tuukka Rask played well, making 34 saves on 35 shots. Rask is now 0-3-1, with a .921 save percentage, and a 2.66 GAA.

The Bruins next play on Wednesday at the struggling Pittsburgh Penguins.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bruins beat struggling Sabres

Patrice Bergeron scores a shorthanded goal
BUFFALO, NY - NOVEMBER 03: Patrice Bergeron #37 of the Boston Bruins (C) scores a first period shorthanded goal against the Buffalo Sabres at the HSBC Arena on November 3, 2010 in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
The Bruins continued their hot streak last night beating the struggling Buffalo Sabres 5-2. The Bruins played well the first two periods capitalizing on some Sabres mistakes and just outplaying them. In the third period though it seemed they sat back and the Sabres tried to come back but they didn't have enough to come back from the hole they were in. Tim Thomas was in net for the Bruins and made 33 saves on 35 shots to get his 7th win this season. Thomas is now 7-0-0, with a .977 save percentage, and a 0.72 GAA.

In the first period, Brad Marchand scored his 1st NHL goal on a shorthanded breakaway. Thank you Tim Connolly for that pass to no one which created the breakaway for Marchand. On another penalty kill, Patrice Bergeron scored a shorthanded goal (his 2nd goal of the season) by outworking the Sabres, even being outnumbered in the Sabres zone. Two minutes later Blake Wheeler finally got his 1st goal of the season from a nice feed from Michael Ryder from behind the net.

In the second period, Michael Ryder scored his 3rd goal of the season.

In the third period, Milan Lucic added an empty net goal to put away the Sabres, his 5th goal of the season.

Some notes from the game:
Punk of the game goes to... I want to say Patrick Kaleta just because he is a punk but it goes to Tyler Myers for glove punching Mark Recchi in the head with the stick in his hand in the second period. Recchi went down from the cheapshot and Myers got called for a roughing penalty. Recchi got up and skated down the ice and took a whack at Myers. Surprisingly, Recchi didn't get called for a retaliation penalty. Myers, looking like Wideman last night with those bad turnovers, even though you're having a bad second year, there's no reason for that cheapshot.

Congrats to Brad Marchand for his first NHL goal. He's been playing much better the past two games. He just needs to continue to stay out of the box.

Props for Milan Lucic for giving Patrick Kaleta a gloved punch during a scrum, which made Kaleta's visor cut his own face. If you're going to play that way and wear a visor that's what you deserve. Kaleta was taking runs at Bruins the whole game, luckily they saw him coming and were able to side-step and avoid his charges.

Kaleta's charges at Bruins is what prompted Mark Stuart to go after him in the second period and of course Kaleta does his best at diving and Cody McCormick came in and fought Stuart.

The Sabres are good at diving and drawing penalties. Although I didn't see Derek Roy dive once which is a surprise.

The Sabres are possibly the softest team in the Eastern Conference.

I was curious to see if Zdeno Chara and Paul Gaustad would continue their little rivalry from last years playoffs but nothing happened between those two.

Looking ahead:
The Bruins next game is on Friday at the Washington Capitals. The Bruins are currently 2nd in the division, 1 point behind the Montreal Canadiens, with 3 games in hand.

Monday, November 1, 2010

McGrattan talks about Neil fighting Seidenberg

It's good to hear the comments by Brian McGrattan on Chris Neil's actions Saturday night when he basically forced non-fighter Dennis Seidenberg to fight him. Neil is known for this type of stuff. I'm hoping the next time these two teams meet someone takes care of Neil. Or maybe someone should grab Senators defenseman Chris Phillips and start pounding his ass, but that's not the Bruins, they don't have any cheap players like that, like Neil is. Here are McGrattan's comments about the incident:

"I heard about it," McGrattan said of Neil's actions. "That's typical Chris Neil. I had to protect that guy for three years when I was there. He'd do that and I'd have to fight all his battles for him the next time we'd play a team after he'd do something stupid like that. It doesn't surprise me."

"That's the way he does it," McGrattan said. "He'll do something where he knows he'll get kicked out of the game and won't have to come back and fight anybody. I've been around him long enough to know he does that. Then I'm the one who usually has to fight his battles the next time. It's typical."

I'm hoping McGrattan is dressed the next time the Bruins play the Senators. But even if he is, I doubt Neil will actually drop the gloves with McGrattan. If you haven't seen the fight you can watch it below.

Dennis Seidenberg vs Chris Neil

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bruins dominate Senators, Thomas another shutout

Wow, what Tim Thomas is doing right now is just amazing. Saturday night Bruins goalie Tim Thomas shutout the Ottawa Senators 4-0. He had a lot of help with the Bruins defense blocking shots and playing well but Thomas still had to make some good saves. Thomas made 29 saves on 29 shots he faced. He improves his record to 6-0-0, with .984 save percentage, and a 0.50 GAA. This is his third shutout of the season. Thomas has tied Tiny Thompson's franchise record for most consecutive wins to start a season, which happened in the 1937-38 season.

David Krejci opened the scoring in the first period, as he got the puck from a bad turnover by the Senators, and let a wrist shot go that beat goalie Brian Elliott. That was Krejci's 2nd goal of the season. In the second period, Tyler Seguin scored his 3rd goal of the season, a power-play goal. Later, Milan Lucic scored his 4th goal of the season on a breakaway after some up and down play by both teams. In the third period, rookie Jordan Caron scored his 3rd goal of the season.

Good to see Blake Wheeler going to the net as he took an extra whack at Elliott but tough guy Matt Carkner got away with a punch to Wheeler that somehow the refs missed and Wheeler got 2 for slashing. The refs weren't that good in this game. Agitator Jarkko Ruutu got away with a few things as well. Props go out to Dennis Seidenberg for actually dropping the gloves with Chris Neil near the end of the game. Seidenberg didn't have to drop them and probably shouldn't have but Neil started punching so he had no choice. I was hoping for another Bruin to jump in and stop it but it didn't happen. We'll see what happens next time these two teams meet up. Neil is so tough picking on Seidenberg, but I've seen it before, this is what Neil does, he goes after guys who don't fight when his team is losing bad.

The Bruins are now 6-2-0 with 12 points, which is good for second place in their division behind Montreal, who has 15 points with 3 more games played. The Bruins are the only undefeated team on the road still this season.

The Bruins next game is on Wednesday at Buffalo against the Sabres at 7pm EST. The Sabres are on a 3-game losing streak. Even their captain Craig Rivet has been scratched for two straight games now. I will guess and say that Tim Thomas will start against the Sabres. Why not, right?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tyler Seguin to stay with Bruins

If you haven't heard the news by now, well rookie forward Tyler Seguin is staying with the Boston Bruins for the season. I don't think anyone thought he would be going back to the juniors.

In other Bruins news, Brian McGrattan was sent down to Providence (AHL) to play in the games this weekend for conditioning purposes. He will be brought back up on Sunday night.

"He has to get some games," said General Manager Peter Chiarelli, here this morning watching his squad's workout at Ristuccia Arena. "It's just three games...he'll be back with us Sunday night."

Some news about Marc Savard this morning:

"Savvy had a real good skate--a lot harder than anything so far," said an upbeat Chiarelli. "He was moving. He is starting to ramp it up."

With Savard coming back whenever he does, GM Chiarelli knows he needs to clear some cap space for both Savard and Marco Sturm. He even said he would send someone to the minors if he had to. Somewhere I hear Ryder's name...

"If we have to warehouse someone in the minors, we'll do that," said Chiarelli. "I don't want to do it, but I will do it, if it becomes necessary."

Bruins and Thomas shutout Maple Leafs

Milt Schmidt
Milt Schmidt, left, a former Boston Bruin and a hockey Hall of Famer, gets the honor of raising his number to the rafters for the first time, prior to the Bruins' NHL hockey game against the Toronto Maple Leafs in Boston on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2010. (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)
The Bruins honored former Bruin and hockey Hall of Famer Milt Schmidt before the game and raised his #15 to the rafters.

Tim Thomas continued his strong play in net this season last night against the Toronto Maple Leafs by shutting them out 2-0. Thomas stopped all 20 shots that he faced. Thomas is now 5-0-0, with a .981 save percentage, and a 0.60 GAA, with two shutouts this season so far.

Patrice Bergeron scored the first goal, the eventual game winner, his first of the season which came on the power play at the end of the first period. Rookie Tyler Seguin scored his second goal of the season in the second period. Nathan Horton was held pointless for the first time this season. Props to Horton for taking on Dion Phaneuf in not much of a fight but showing everyone he won't back down. Former Bruin Phil Kessel was a -1 with 6 shots on goal.

The Bruins next game is on Saturday at Ottawa. It's a 7pm EST game. The Senators are on a 2-game winning streak.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Boychuk out for 4 weeks

Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli announced on Sunday that Bruins defenseman Johnny Boychuk is expected to be out of the lineup for approximately four weeks. He suffered a slight fracture to his left ulna (bone in forearm) in the game on Saturday against the New York Rangers when Brandon Dubinsky slashed him. Dubinsky only got 2 minutes for that but really he should have got 5. Defenseman Adam McQuaid is most likely to fill in the empty d-man spot while Boychuk is sidelined.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bruins get outplayed, lose 3-2 to Rangers

The Bruins lost last night's game 3-2 to the New York Rangers. The Rangers came out in the first period ready to play, and as Andy Brickley said, they wanted it more than the Bruins. Luckily Zdeno Chara scored a power-play goal near the end of the first period for the Bruins to get on the board, which made the score 2-1 Rangers. The Bruins played much better in the second period, which Nathan Horton continued his point streak, scoring his 5th goal of the season. The second period ended 3-2 Rangers and the third period was scoreless. You can watch a video summary of the game here.

Tuukka Rask started in net and you can't really fault him for any of the goals, except maybe for the breakaway goal by Marc Staal but that breakaway shouldn't have happened. Rask made 27 saves on 30 shots. Rask is now 0-2-0, with a .894 save percentage, and a 3.54 GAA.

Defenseman Johnny Boychuk was injured in the first period from a slash by Rangers Brandon Dubinsky on his left hand and/or wrist. He came back in the first period but did not play in the second or third periods. If he can't play in the next game look for Adam McQuaid to be dressed.

There were three fights in the first period alone. First there was Mark Stuart pounding on agitator Sean Avery. Avery instigated the fight as Stuart layed out Ruslan Fedotenko with a clean hit and Avery got the instigator penalty. Wanting to give the Bruins some energy, Shawn Thornton challenged giant Derek Boogaard and did quite well against a much larger opponent. Big props to Thornton for even dropping the gloves with Boogaard, no matter the outcome. The third fight happened after Milan Lucic finished a check on a Rangers defenseman and Brandon Prust went right at Lucic. The fight seemed to end prematurely and Lucic seemed upset that the linesmen separated them. Lucic had a cut above his left eye.

Some quotes from Thornton about his fight with Boogaard and Lucic's fight:

"I was trying to get the boys going," Thornton said. "You know what? I think we did a pretty good job of turning it around. A couple of bounces went their way at the start, but I think maybe with myself and (Milan Lucic) getting into (fights), the guys turned it around. I was pleased with the effort the last half of the game."

"He's arguably the toughest guy in the league," Thornton said. "He's a big man. He's got 6 inches and 60 pounds (on the B's winger). I usually try and fight smart anyway, but you have to be a little bit more careful with a guy like that."

I couldn't see it in the video but apparently Prust poked Lucic in the eye in their fight.

"He got a pretty good shot in right off the bat," Lucic said. "My eye was pretty red. I didn't really notice anything until I saw the replay, and I saw that a finger came through. It happens. Obviously he didn't mean to do that."

The Bruins next game isn't until Thursday against the Toronto Maple Leafs here in Boston. Phil Kessel will be back in town and I'm sure you'll be hearing the boos once again at the Garden when he touches the puck. Rask has a good career record against Toronto so you may see him in net, but who knows really.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bruins beat Caps 4-1, Thomas another strong win

Boston Bruins' Jordan Caron (38) reacts after scoring a goal during the second period of an NHL hockey game against the Washington Capitals in Boston, Thursday, Oct. 21, 2010. (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)
The Bruins beat the Washington Capitals once again last night, this time by the score 4-1. Their power-play was struggling but last night they scored three power-play goals. Tim Thomas was in net once again and made 38 saves on 39 shots against him. Thomas is now 4-0-0, with a .978 save percentage and a 0.75 GAA. Thomas has only allowed 3 goals in 4 games, that's just amazing.

In the first period, Michael Ryder scored his 2nd goal of the season, a power-play goal. In the second period, rookie Jordan Caron scored his 2nd goal of the season. Later, Nathan Horton scored his team leading 4th goal of the season, another power-play goal. In the third period, Zdeno Chara scored a power-play goal, his 1st goal of the season.

The Bruins next game is on Saturday against the New York Rangers at 7pm in Boston.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bruins beat Caps, Lucic gets a Gordie

The Bruins beat the Washington Capitals last night 3-1 with a complete team effort. The Bruins first line of David Krejci, Nathan Horton, and Milan Lucic combined to score the first two goals. In the first period, Krejci scored his first goal of the season on a 2 on 1 with Horton, nice pass by Horton by the way. Later Lucic scored his third goal of the season. In the third period, defenseman Matt Hunwick scored his first goal of the season. It was a far wrist shot, with traffic in front of the net, and it got by goalie Semyon Varlamov. Despite the goal, Hunwick had a bad game, with turnovers and at times making bad decisions. One of his turnovers led to the Capitals only goal of the game.

Lucic got a Gordie Howe hat trick last night, the second of his career. His first came in his rookie season against the LA Kings.

Tim Thomas started in net and only gave up the one goal, making 35 saves on 36 shots. Thomas is now 3-0-0, with a .979 save percentage, and a 0.67 GAA. Right now the Bruins have a good problem with two good goalies, both can be considered starters in this league.

Here's a video with the hits and the fights from last nights game.

If you don't remember, Gregory Campbell and Matt Hendricks fought in the preseason, because of a Campbell hit on Alex Ovechkin, with Hendricks getting the upperhand. In their fight last night in the first period, I would say it was a draw as both guys threw wild punches. I'm not sure any connected though.

In the third period Milan Lucic and John Erskine dropped the gloves and had a spirited fight. That fight too it seemed nothing really landed, after some wild swings Erskine tied up Lucic. Lucic and Erskine first met up in the first period when Lucic came to the defense of Horton or Krejci in front of the Caps net as Erskine tried to rough someone up. They had some words and had to separated by the linesmen. In the third period they met up after some pushing near the Caps bench. If you remember, Lucic's first real loss in a fight was against Erskine in his rookie season so he probably didn't forget about that. Erskine gave Lucic a broken nose in that fight. Lucic tried to go toe-to-toe with Erskine then and last night it looked like Erskine tried to keep Lucic tied up.

Lucic's comments about the fight:

"That's just what happens, two physical guys going at one another," said Lucic of the fight in a post-game interview on Versus. "Sometimes things like that happen. We both know our roles and we're both going to play that way."

The next Bruins game is on Thursday at home against the same Washington Capitals at 7pm EST.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bruins beat Devils 4-1

Last night the Bruins beat the New Jersey Devils 4-1 with all of the goals by both teams coming in the second period. The Devils looked pretty bad in their own zone getting outworked and outplayed by the Bruins in the second and third periods. Tim Thomas was strong in net once again making 31 saves on 32 shots against him.

Rookie Jordan Caron, Michael Ryder, Shawn Thornton all scored their first goal of the season. Caron's goal was his first NHL goal. Nice to get your first NHL goal against future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur. Ryder's goal was set up beautifully by rookie Tyler Seguin with a sweet pass and Ryder buried it with a quick hard wrist shot. That would be Seguin's first NHL assist of his career. Milan Lucic scored the fourth goal for the Bruins, his second goal of the season.

Blake Wheeler had a bad game, getting two lazy hooking penalties and he had 0 shots on net. Thomas improves his record to 2-0-0 with a .984 save percentage and a 0.50 GAA.

The Bruins are now 2-1-0 with 4 points in 3 games, behind Toronto (8 points in 4 games) and Montreal (7 points in 5 games) in the division.The Bruins next game is on Tuesday at the Washington Capitals, the first game of a home-and-home series, with the second game at Boston (home opener) on Thursday. Tuesday's game is on Versus at 7:30pm EST.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Bruins sign McGrattan to 1 year contract

Today it was announced that the Bruins have signed tough guy Brian McGrattan to a one-year contract. Terms of the contract were not disclosed but it is more than likely that it's a two-way deal and probably at the league minimum salary. Expect McGrattan to play occasionally/be an extra forward when needed.

The Bruins have also waived goalie Nolan Schaefer. If Schaefer clears waivers he will be sent down to Providence (AHL).

Update: McGrattan will earn $515,000 with the Bruins, and $105,000 in Providence.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bruins shutout Coyotes 3-0

Tyler Seguin of Boston Bruins celebrates after scoring against Phoenix Coyotes during the NHL hockey match in Prague, Czech Republic, Sunday, Oct. 10, 2010. Boston won the match 3-0. (AP Photo/Petr David Josek)
I wasn't able to watch the game this morning but from what I've read online from other Bruins blogs and sites is that the Bruins continued their 3rd period play from Saturday's loss and at times dominated the Coyotes.

In the second period, Milan Lucic scored his first of the season assisted by Nathan Horton and David Krejci. Near the end of the second period, Horton continued his hot streak, scoring his third goal of the season, assisted by Mark Recchi and Krejci.

In the third period, Tyler Seguin scored his first NHL goal, assisted by Michael Ryder and Tim Thomas. If I find video of Seguin's goal I'll post it in the videos section. I found the video of Seguin's first NHL goal and posted it here.

Thomas started in net for the Bruins, stopping all 29 shots he faced, earning his first shutout and win of the very young season.

Jordan Caron played in his first NHL game, getting only 9:42 of ice time, with two shots on net.

Looking at ice time played, maybe Julien was just resting some guys or benching some, as the fourth line with Shawn Thornton, Gregory Campbell, and Brad Marchand all had more ice time than Blake Wheeler, Michael Ryder, and Tyler Seguin.

The Bruins next play on Saturday at the New Jersey Devils. The Devils have had issues keeping the puck out of their net in the first two games. We'll see if that continues up to when the Bruins play them.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bruins lose opener to Coyotes

The Bruins lost their first game of the season 5-2 to the Phoenix Coyotes in Prague. They came out really slow and were caught off guard by the Coyotes speed it seemed. By the end of the second period it was 4-0 Coyotes. The Bruins were completely outplayed in the first period and for most of the second period. Coach Julien or someone must had said something as in the third period they looked much better.

Nathan Horton scored two goals in the third, both on nice wrist shots. The first goal was a beauty as he has a wicked wrista and showed it there. Gregory Campbell got into a fight with Vernon Fiddler after the first Horton goal which seemed to help keep the momentum on the Bruins side. Horton scored his second goal on the power play with a nice wrist shot that went off Coyotes goalie Bryzgalov's pad, then the post and in the net.

Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask made 32 saves on 36 shots against him. You can't blame him for all of the goals as the Bruins defense didn't help much at all. Matt Hunwick looked awful out there and he was a -3. Tyler Seguin, in first regular season NHL game had 4 shots on net and was a -2. He made a few nice defensive plays picking off passes in the first period. He also made a sweet pass to Mark Recchi on a power play but Recchi couldn't handle it cleanly to shoot right away.

The Bruins will get back at it tomorrow against the same Coyotes. We will probably see Tim Thomas in net for the Bruins. The game is at 10am EST.

Bruins sign Chara to 7-year extension

Today it was announced that the Bruins have signed captain Zdeno Chara to a 7-year contract extension worth $45 million. It averages out to $6.4 million a year which is lower than the $7.5 million per year he is making now. This will keep Chara here in Boston through the 2017-18 season.

Props to Chara for taking lesser money than what he probably could have got on the free agent market. This should help the Bruins spend money correctly in the next offseason (with Michael Ryder becoming a free agent and a few other players).

Boston Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli announced today that the club has signed defenseman Zdeno Chara to a seven-year contract extension through the 2017-18 season. Per club policy, financial terms of the deal will not be disclosed. Chiarelli and Chara will be available to the media in Prague following Saturday’s season opener against the Phoenix Coyotes.

The 33-year-old defenseman is entering his 13th NHL season and his fifth with the Boston Bruins. Signed by the Bruins as a free agent on July 1, 2006, Chara was named the 18th captain in Bruins history prior to the start of the 06-07 season on October 3, 2006 and has served as the club’s captain since. He captured the Norris Trophy as the league’s top defenseman following the 2008-09 season after recording 19 goals, 31 assists and 95 penalty minutes in 80 games. This marked Chara’s first Norris Trophy of his career and the third time he had been named a Norris Trophy finalist (2004 with Ottawa, 2008, 2009 with Boston).

He established at least one career high in the major offensive categories in each of the last three seasons, as he had a career best 51 points in 07-08, a career best 19 goals in 08-09 and a career best 37 assists in 09-10. He has missed only 11 games in his four-year stint with the Black & Gold, playing in 317 out of a possible 328 games.